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  1. M

    16 week sarms cycle

    24 years old 5’10’’ 183 pounds goals are mild muscle growth and fat loss my 16 week sarms cycle is as follows: S23 10mgs SR9009 15mgs ostarine mk2866 15mgs GW501516 20mgs all 16 weeks. Pct: clomid 50mgs a day fadogia thoughts on this?
  2. F

    Fadogia vs. tribulus

    I'm looking to use something the help with my strength in the gym I heard that fadogia and Tribulus were two of the best supplements to use before you walk into the gym because they can help with strength how much should you use?
  3. A

    Fadogia vs. tribulus

    What is your thoughts on using fadogia instead of tribulus. I have been doing the Tribulus for the past six months and I'm doing about 1000 to 2000 mg a day. Do you think if I were to switch over to fadogia it would be good for my body to try something different?
  4. A

    Skipping supplement days

    Let's say I take a day or two off from taking supplements. Should I the next day double up on my dosage or triple the dosage or do I just continue taking them as is? For example i missed taking protein powder and my fadogia the last 2 days. Does this mean i should go ahead and triple the dose...
  5. B

    Do you take test boosters every day?

    I was wondering if you take testosterone boosting supplements everyday 365 days a year. Or do you need to take breaks here and there to give your body a chance to recover itself. I'm looking at taking some fenugreek and fadogia, my friend said it really helped him feel much better and boost his...
  6. F

    Supplements I take

    Hey guys, I have been gradually upping all the supplements I take and wanted your feedback on ones that I should add or cross off the list. If you have any recommendations for all in 1’s too would love to hear it. I currently am spending way too much! Lecithin L Theanine Protein powder Isolate...
  7. CoBra666

    omega supps

    heard really good things about ultima, but has anyone used any other products. i saw a little debate about t-force lol, that even God himself chimed in. wondering if anyone else had any comments. i for one was stoked at first to see another fadogia product out there since hcgen is hard to get...
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