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    Thermal spark before training?

    I was wondering if any of you have tried this product called thermal spark I met up with a buddy at the gym and we were sitting out front I was drinking my shake but he was drinking a weird drink. I asked them what it was and he said it was really good for energy called thermal spark. anyone...
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    Taking all my supplements all at once

    what is the story with people who take all their supplements all at once that I'm seeing in videos online. Like I'll go up to the counter and have like 10 different supplements and then take them all at the same time and drink. Is this all really necessary to take them together or should we...
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    When is it safe to drink after dnp

    How long is it safe to drink alcohol after a 2 week low dose crystal dnp cycle (200-400mg)? I'm planning a buddies bachelor party and would really love to enjoy it with them :beer:
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    Need some answers to a old question!

    I have 50mg bottles of winnie. instead of taking 30 shots CAN I DRINK IT? If so is it as effective? and can I mix it with say juice? thanks
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