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  1. N

    Dosing TRT opinions

    I had a question for all of you who are on testosterone replacement therapy TRT What is the best dose you recommend? I’ve heard people going as low as 100, and people going much higher Wasn’t boston loyd doing like 500mgs a week of TRT? What is up with that, it can’t be good right I’m...
  2. L

    creatine dosing and when

    I am trying to learn more about creatine and how best to use it right now I am new to this whole supplement thing. I’ve used creatine before but didn’t know what I was doing my question is how long do you need to run it, how much per day and are there any risks?
  3. N

    Female primobolan stack

    I'm a female who is new to the steroid world but not new to working out I'm currently 5 foot 2 and I weigh a 135 lb my next cycle I want to include primobolan I have a lot of good information on it and the research on it. How much dosing should I be running of the stuff and how long is it...
  4. P

    first time using HGH with testosterone

    I’ve been using steroids for a decade. I’ve heard good things about HGH and how it is good for anti aging and all that. I’m approaching 50 and want to try it what would the dosing be if I were to stack it with testosterone on a cycle? Anything else that I need to use with it or is it...
  5. B

    Question on Dianabol dosing

    I'm going to be competing in a local powerlifting competition. I'm already on trt so I'm not worried about post Cycle Therapy. What I am worried about is what I should add to my current trt dosage. I'm thinking of upping my testosterone at 300 mg a week and then adding Dianabol dbol to it...
  6. B

    Female new to VAR

    I have been working out for 6 years and I've been serious for 4 years straight. It is time for me to get a little boost and I've never use anabolic steroids before. I'm looking to use them but I don't want side effects obviously as a female. I'm interested in using anavar oxandrolone I just need...
  7. K

    dosing Vitamin D?

    Is vitamin D deficiency a real thing or just scare tactics? I live in Finland and we don’t get much sun here, this time of year it is cloudy and miserable for months straight and we don’t see the sun at all. Plus we are on lockdown so I cannot go outside anyway. Do I need to take vitamin D...
  8. N

    Need help from the pros

    SO! Thank you in advance. This is going to be my third cycle, my previous cycles were very simple of just test prop 250 at about 500mg a week for 10 weeks each, then pct straight nolva at 40mg ED for the first 2 weeks and then 20mg for the next 2 weeks. My first cycle went great and I gained...
  9. P

    pageant girl's first clen - please help!!

    Completely new to all of this so forgive me if I say it (probably all) wrong - but in a jam and you guys know your stuff! So here goes: I'm a 28 yr old female - 5'7" - 120 pounds around 18% bf. Haven't been able to get the "jiggle" off my stomach - looks awesome standing still but jumping up...
  10. B

    Clen dosage at week 3 with Ketotifen

    Hi, Im planning a clen cycle for two weeks, and then add 1mg ketotifen at week 3. How would I dose the clen at week 3? 1 20 mcg 2 20 mcg 3 40 mcg 4 40 mcg 5 40 mcg 6 60 mcg 7 60 mcg 8 60 mcg 9 80 mcg 10 80 mcg 11 100 mcg 12 100 mcg 13 120 mcg 14 120 mcg 15?
  11. J

    Quick Dosing question

    Might be silly but if a bottle say 30ml @ 20mgs/ML. Does that mean at a full 1ML syringe I am getting 20mgs and if I want 5mgs I should take up to approx the .3
  12. gforce10

    About to do a clen/T3 cycle for cutting

    would you guys recommend anvar to protect from muscle loss? Also, would love some advice or links on dosing liquid clen and T3. Not the actual dosages (I'm familiar with the pyramid numbers) but how to measure it out using an insulin syringe FYI: I am also on 1cc of test/week. Any help...
  13. R

    4th Cycle of an Epistane product. Need help making it work better

    Over the past two years, I've taken IBE Epistane (garbage), Myopharma Epibolin (garbage), Epistrong (good stuff) and now I'm getting ready to try EPI 2A3A. Before I go on, I want to clarify that I've been lifting for years, and have great knowledge about side effects and what needs to be done in...
  14. oklahoma86

    What do you run with Ipamorelin?

    We all know that Peptides work well synergistically, and while there are some common "add-on" Peptides (cjc 1293, CJC-1295 among several others) to an Ipamorelin (or GRHP, etc... but I am only worried about the Ipam). I am not sure exactly what factors would make someone choose the 1293 cjc...
  15. CoBra666


    does helladrol require tapering going both into the cycle and out of it. like say i know my body is comfortable with 100 mg and not 150, could i run it just 100/100/100/100/100. a very high percentage of my cycles have been straight var and i was always told not to bother tapering that into...
  16. U

    Dosing and drawing IGF1-lr3????

    Hello everyone so I am starting to use IGF for PCT I have 1000mcg vials and I am wanting to dose @ 20mcg/daily with a 1ml syringe. I think I have it straight but after I reconstitute with AA if I use 1ml, I would draw 2 ticks/IU's to get the 20mcg I am looking for correct? If I reconstituted...
  17. B

    Liquid Clen and T3 Dosing Help

    I am going to be incorporating Liquid Clen and Liquid T3 into my AAS Cycle, currently on Sustanon 500mg/week and anavar at 40mg/week, looking to shred some more body fat with a balanced diet of course. I am also 245lbs, 6ft tall, about 15% bf. I am going to use a insulin syringe to accruately...
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