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  1. E

    Domestic supply is sharp

    I am Referring to the source domestic-supply They are excellent and i could not be happier I ordered 2 weeks ago and they shipped it to me within a week. These products are great brands which i have used before including Ultima and Odin. I have been on the orals for a few days and already...
  2. Z

    First time ordering domestic-supply

    this was my first time ordering steroids and I decided to go with domestic Supply because of their good reviews I was scared at first but everything went so smoothly and I am very satisfied I gained about 12 lb of Mass on the cycle so their gear is top-notch as well. Everything went so well...
  3. J

    Shipping issue resolved Domestic-supply

    i just want to say how impressed I am with domestic supply. the guy I have been emailing with has been on top of my issue. my order was shipped a couple weeks ago and it got lost in the mail. The tracking just stopped He was on top of things and said if it didn’t arrive he would reship at no...