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    Bodybuilder dinner post workout?

    wanted to ask you about a good bodybuilding dinner to do after i come home from the gym I was going to grill a nice steak, brown rice and broccoli. And then after drink a protein shake Would this be a good plan?
  2. G

    Vegetables that you eat

    Be honest what vegetables do you guys like to eat for me I prefer salads so i eat a lot of green lettuce and Romaine I find broccoli too much of a pain because you have to cook it I like to eat vegetables on a raw. What are some other vegetables that you guys like to eat and how do you...
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    Negative calorie foods

    What do you think about the theory of negative calorie foods. I heard certain vegetables were negative calories like celery or broccoli or other dark green vegetables. So if I were to eat a lot of these every day I would actually be able to burn more fat that is the theory what do you think
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    Canned vegetables versus Frozen versus fresh

    I went to the grocery store that is local to me and they ran out of fresh spinach and broccoli so I went ahead and bought some canned vegetables instead. Is canned vegetables going to be a good option for me? They also have frozen vegetables do you think that those are okay to use and do I just...
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