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  1. Adel20

    Test E , Boldenone, Tren E

    last cycle I made was 2016 And know I’m about to start a cycle for only 8 weeks ( test E 500 mg / weekly ) (Boldenone 400 mg / weekly ) (Tren 300 mg / weekly ) any suggestions of the cycle or something to change! And how can be the PCT of a cycle like that ? Thanks
  2. D

    what is best way to run cycle

    Hi, this is the first post I've ever done. Just looking for some advice. I'm a 32 year old male 5ft 9 about 11 and half stone. I've been training around 15 years between bodybuilding and self defence so never dedicated myself to one and I've dabbled in steroids a handful of times over this...
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