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  1. K

    best BBQ tips for steak?

    I keep Screwing up my steaks and it’s a lot of wasted money I’m looking for some recommendations on how to cook the best barbecue possible I’ve read conflicting things for example on steak I’ve seen people say that if you cook it on really high heat and cook it fast that it’s best and you should...
  2. S

    which is the better buy steak or beef

    if you had to choose 1 to spend most of your red meat funds which would you choose base it on price, ease of cooking it, ways to cook it, etc. I do not own a bbq and I live in an apartment so I can only have small kitchen items at home.
  3. N

    Labor day bbq options

    don’t see many threads about bbq on here but labor day is coming up and I am having a get together with family coming into town and going to break out my bbq. What are some healthy options for me to feed the masses that will still taste good and satisfy everyone. Most of my family are health...
  4. J

    eating BBQ and bulking

    I hear that bbq is one of the healthiest ways to cook food, as long as you don’t char your meat and as long as you don’t use sauces which have a lot of sugar and spices. What do you guys think about me buying a bbq grill and using it to cook all my meat since it is so much easier then using the...
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