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I wrestled and played soccer and football in High School, then went on to wrestle in college. After college I began coaching wrestling, and realized why my coach said we are soft compared to him..because now I say the same thing..I can lose weight like its nothing, and gaining takes forever. My weight has taken a drop off in the past due to some health issues, but I am back into things and trying to get as much information as possible, plus you can never know too much.

Well I help a buddy with a sports website and write blogs, and I want to start a blog on health and nutrition, mainly because of what I went through, and also how much better of an athlete I could have been if I knew what I know now. I think working out is obvious, why else would I be here, and Fantasy sports, sports in general, and social media and software.
Boston, MA.
My Stats:
5'9" 155lbs
Will you accept insecure email? (non EF email)
My Profile Headline
I feel like I am signing up for a dating website
Software and Marketing
My Favorite Music:
Anything that has a good beat
My Heros:
My mother, she is a single mother raising a child, obviously when I was younger, but she was in the Navy when women werent allowed on ships and she had top secret clearance. No matter what, she gets it done, absolutely the strongest person I know,
My Favorite Sports:
Football, wrestling, MMA
My Ideal Weekend would be:
I am a simple man, most important is who you are with
My Vices are:
Women, first I love them and grew up old fashion, and if they are single mothers, I turn into a sucker..worst is I know it and still cant help it..not even relationship wise though even friends, I believe what I would normally never believe.
What's in my refrigerator:
as much organic as possible, and organic herbal supplements, CoQ10, udos choice oil blend, mercola pure power organic protein, whole food multi, chlorella, reseveratol and grape seed extract, Astaxanthin, and Garden of Life Probiotics
Stuff I really hate:
Being lied to or treated like an idiot, oh and people with zero sense of that
College graduate
My Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:
My Astrological Sign:
Leo (Lion): July 23-Aug. 22
My Area Code:
My Zip Code:
My Ethnicity:
White / Caucasian
My City:
My State:
My Muscularity:
My Body Type:
My Head Hair:
My Face Hair:
My Body Hair:
Shaved or Waxed
I'm looking for:
  1. Friends
  2. Networking
  3. A Training Partner
Between the Sheets I'm:
  1. Adventurous
  2. Experienced
I kiss on the first date:
Every time,
My Pets:
I am the proud uncle of a pit bull/terr mix, and own a cat myself as no dogs allowed, however this cat gives kisses, or licks you, but thats awesome, she also comes when you call her.
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