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Excerpt: my sweetness is so juicy wet it needs to be licked

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    Re: WOO HOO!

    Originally posted by kronk
    Yea honey! By now, you are so hot and wet that you are grinding your pussy into my face. Your moans were soft, but insistent, and I can tell your going to cum soon. I reach up and pulled you forward so that you are on your hands and knees, your pussy just above my mouth. I began licking rapidly at your clit, I brush my hand lightly down your ass. Before can even slip a finger into your pussy, the tremors of your orgasm began, Your moaning louder now, and letting her body do the talking for you. Your grinding your pussy all over my face, my tongue is buried inside you and you start to moan louder, wow, I thought you might break my nose your grinding so fast and moving all over my face. You start bucking so uncontrollably, screaming, IMMMMMMM GOINGGGGGGGGGG TO CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - - - OHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDD - - - - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - - - you lie there shaking uncontrollably, your mind is somewhere else.Kronk
    You have imaginatoion men!!!

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    originally posted by triplev

    my sweetness is so juicy wet it needs to be licked
    YUM YUM... give me some...I'll lick it up.. I'll lick it down.. I'll lick slow... I'll lick at a steady pace... or even fast like I'm in a race...just as long as you cum all over my face !!!

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