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Dear friend and fellow athlete,

EF Member Jerrad (Muscle Mafia on the forums)

“This stuff is amazing... I get all the effects I want without having to do steroid cycles”
“I can lift heavier and harder”
“I had to buy new shirts; I couldn't fit in the old ones.”
“Most guys think about sex every three seconds; well with this stuff, I can have sex every three seconds.”

EF Member George (Workout King on the forums)

“Using Test Stack 17 I took my body fat from 10 to 5%”
“My triceps blew up which is unheard of on a cut”
“My abs came through for the first time ever... My bench skyrocketed 185 to about 245 pounds”
“since taking this my biceps have blown up and my triceps have absolutely ripped through my skin.”
“I have never seen gains like this before in my life with any natural testosterone booster”

EF Member Renan (Massive Pumps on the forums)

“the best thing that I've ever tried”
“I play soccer and this really helped me with my endurance”
“for the first time I can really see my abs... This is amazing”
“I can’t stop thinking about sex”
“my dead lifts went like three plates and eight repetitions to three plates and 15 repetitions. It’s crazy”
“It really popped out my chest and my legs”

EF Member Moses (Mo T 4 Me on the forums)

"good for my endurance:"
"best product I've tried so far would be Test Stack 17"
"I've gained size... I've lost a lot of body fat"
"It gives you strength"
"you feel pumped at all times"

Yours in sport,

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