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Dear friend and fellow athlete,

EF Member Don (Mass Insanity on the forums)

“Gains I got from Test Stack 17: bigger chest, bigger arms, more back”
“I have more energy now than I have time to use.”
“I love this”

EF Member Hayden (Anabolic Booster on the forums)

“I've been using it for about four to eight weeks now and I've seen tremendous results”
“It’s a testosterone booster like none other I've ever taken before”
“Test Stack 17 is that boost you need”
“I was benching 225 for a maximum of five reps. I'm up to now 12 repetitions using this product”
“It’s dropped my body fat percentage to an all-time low and built muscle like no other... It’s really brought out my abs, my chest, and most of all my quads”
“my sex drive is at an all-time high”

EF Member Dee (Testosterone Spike on the forums)

“Absolutely phenomenal”
“It increased my endurance and my energy level”
“I'm able to do so many more pushups... with Test Stack 17, I'm up to 500”
“I love how my triceps have grown since taking it”

EF Member Brook (Kick-Ass Stack on the forums)

“TS17 helped me a lot with going from workout to work out to work out”
“It helped me burn a lot of body fat”
“It boosts energy, testosterone”

Yours in sport,

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