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George Spellwin

EF Member Ryan (Roid Pimp on the forums)

“This is a great way to boost your natural testosterone levels”
“It makes you feel like you're using steroids”
“My bench press, my squats, and my dead lifts were all increased by 20%, in four weeks”
“This stuff is absolutely awesome”
“Test Stack 17 has greatly enhanced my physique”

EF Member Lenny (Test Fuel on the forums)

“When I play soccer, my endurance goes through the roof”
“It definitely improved my bench and my bicep curls”
“It really helped my abs, also my arm, I added some size there, and my back.”
“That's why you need this stuff!”

EF Member Manny (Machiavelli on the forums)

“Honestly, this stuff works”
“My endurance is more... I can actually run faster... I lift more weights”
“my ejaculations are a lot stronger”
“Gains on bicep, triceps, back... I feel much more lean”

EF Member Elias (Muscle Catalyst on the forums)

“My bench went from like 240 to 280 in three weeks,”
“My sex drive which I didn’t get it for has been like sky high”
“I gotta say that my testosterone has been crazy”
“More speed, more strength, my mental focus”

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