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Dear friend and fellow athlete,

I want to share a secret with you. Have you ever looked closely at the physiques of today’s top bodybuilders, models, and athletes? Do you think that they look too perfect? Well, you're right, they are too perfect -- and they did not get that way by wasting their money on Andro, Creatine, or any "natural" supplement scam.

You see, all of the ripped muscular guys you see in the magazines have been enhanced -- chemically. Perfection like this did not happen because of perfect genetics. And it sure did not happen because of some worthless supplement. The perfectly lean muscular physiques that have become so common in magazine ads were developed with anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and designer cutting drugs. Plain and simple!

The bad news is that if you think a model or bodybuilder's physique looks too good to be "real," then you're absolutely right IT DEFINITELY IS TOO GOOD TO BE REAL! The good news is that now that you know this little secret, with some chemical wizardry, you too can safely and quickly have the perfect, ripped, muscular body of a top athlete, model or bodybuilder.
In this letter I'll tell you more about my new online guide filled with all the chemical secrets used by bodybuilders, athletes, and models to develop their perfect muscularity. If you don’t believe you can develop a lean muscular body quickly and safely, then please read on and I will show you how you can use a little of my Chemical Wizardry to transform yourself into ripped, muscular perfection. But if you're looking for something you can get at the local GNC, then stop reading now! This is not some guide put out by the supplement scammers, this is an underground guide to building a perfect physique with anabolic steroids and other performance drugs.

My name is George Spellwin and I'm the research director for Elite and author of the definitive online guide to performance enhancement drugs, steroids, and effective nutriceuticals -- Chemical Wizardry. I've devoted my entire life to providing athletes like you with the most accurate, unbiased, and effective techniques designed to promote exceptionally rapid muscle growth and fat loss - safely. My company Elite has spent tens of thousands of dollars and devoted years of research to compile a database of information on anabolic steroids and other exotic physique development chemicals -- information from medical journals, bodybuilder surveys, textbooks, and pharmaceutical reports.

The Chemical Wizardry guide contains all the latest inside information compiled over my last ten years of research guaranteed to make your body explode with strength and unthinkable new muscle mass. Information necessary to make an informed decision that you cannot get at the library, from personal trainers, and not even from doctors. This is the same exact information that my clients who sign up for my three day seminar "Underground Growth Explosion and Muscular Transformations" pay $1,700 apiece to learn. In fact, over the past 12 months, 361 athletes, paid $1,700 plus hotel and airfare each to take my seminar. But you can get all the same information that I present in my seminar just by investing in the online guide Chemical Wizardry -- for a fraction of the cost. Read on to learn how Chemical Wizardry can be your own map to amazing muscular transformation and about the 21 free steroid cycles and 18 underground steroid bonus reports valued at over $650 that are included on all orders placed before midnight .

What exactly is Chemical Wizardry?

First and foremost, Chemical Wizardry is an online drug database of all the pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals that you can use to build a perfect physique. The guide covers every drug from Arimidex to Zitazonium and all the basic anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin and Testosterone that athletes have used for years. It also covers all the newer and more exotic designer drugs like Dinitrophenol and PGF2a. Legal nutriceuticals are covered as well.

Where does the information in Chemical Wizardry come from?

The information contained in this secret password protected section of Elite comes from medical journals, textbooks and pharmaceutical reports -- all the research I have compiled over the last 10 years. More importantly, the information is based on my work with pro-bodybuilders and top models, both male and female, since I began private consultations in 1995. And the information is written so that it is easy to understand and put to practical use.

Why is Chemical Wizardry only available online?

Chemical Wizardry is kept exclusively online so that we can constantly keep it updated. When new information becomes available, we make it available to you immediately. Additionally, we keep it online so that we can make the hundreds of full color, digitally enhanced photos of real Anabolic Steroids available to you -- photo's you can use to avoid getting ripped off buying counterfeit steroids. It would be prohibitively expensive to produce a printed guide with this many color photos and it would already be out of date when it finally got off the press.

In addition, keeping the guide online allows us to incorporate a sophisticated search engine that enables you to pinpoint any information that you want quickly and easily. Don�t know how you can benefit from Vistimon 25? A search will quickly let you know what it does and how to safely use it.

Lastly, I keep the guide online because I hate waiting and if you are like me, then I know you hate waiting too. Since there are no printing costs for e-books, you can get this e-book for much less than it would cost if it were a hard copy manual - AND you get it instantly (no waiting for the snail mail!) so you can be reading it minutes from now.

Read on...

Did you know that several steroids (such as nandrolone decanoate and testosterone cypionate) can provide, in as little as two months, a 30 pound or greater long-term gain in lean muscle mass and drastically reduce body fat at the same time with few if any harmful side effects. Chemical Wizardry tells you how.

Did you know that several steroids (such as winstrol and anavar - the ultimate for hardening muscle, increasing definition, and stripping off fat) can define your physique in less than eight weeks with few if any harmful side effects. Chemical Wizardry tells you how.

Did you know that many commonly available black market steroids are really veterinary products intended only for animals? Chemical Wizardry tells you which ones!

If you ever considered anabolic steroids for medical, therapeutic, or muscular development enhancement then this is the online guide for you. When you order the Chemical Wizardry guide, you will be immediately provided with the latest unbiased information on anabolic steroids, supplements that really work, human growth hormone, and numerous designer cutting drugs. Plus, you'll learn other techniques used by athletes and top models to gain an elite, muscular body. Techniques like the following:

The responsible use of anabolic steroids in order to maximize physique enhancement benefits and minimize health risks and side effects.

The safest and most dangerous steroid brands produced in the United States and other countries -- those that cut, define, and tone and those that pack on muscle mass. Explaining for each one: the brand name, pharmaceutical name, pharmaceutical price, average street price, countries of origin, the effective dose, and an effectiveness rating based on hundreds of athletes surveyed.

How to properly administer anabolics and the various advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids vs. injectable steroids.

How to stack & cycle multiple anabolics for short time periods in order to eliminate dangerous side effects and to promote permanent gains in lean muscle tissue.

Additionally, the guide contains hundreds of pictures -- all indexed and digitally enhanced for razor sharp clarity -- and unlike steroid books, our pictures are in full color! Have you ever bought a steroid book that promised lots of picture only to find that the black and white photo�s were so small and hard to see that they were useless? Well, no more. Take for example, the anabolic steroid, nandrolone decoanate also known as deca. We have 69 deca pictures. When you invest in Chemical Wizardry, you will be able to click on the small images like these below and they will link you to the enhanced, full-sized image. Here is a partial look at our index of Deca pictures:

Deca Pictures
















Chemical Wizardry contains all the inside information on all the following popular bulking drugs:

Anadrol, Andriol, Coenzyme B-12, Dianabol, Equipose, Growth Hormone, Levodopa, Lontanyl, Methyandrostenediol, Ralgrow, Zeranol & Revalor, Sten, Sustanon, Synthol, Testosterone retard teramex, Testosterone cypionate, Testosterone enanthate, Testosterone propionate, Testosterone suspension, Testosterone teramex

And all the inside information on all the following popular cutting drugs:

Adiposinium, Aldactazide, Aldactone, Anavar, Clenbuterol, Denistenil, DNP, Dyazide, Ephedrine, Halotestin, Lasix, Masteron, Methyltestosterone, Parabolan, Primobolan, PGF2A, Potassium chloride, Thiomucase, T3, Winstrol

And all the drugs like the following that can be used for both cutting and bulking.

Arimidex, Deca, EPO Erythropoietin, Finaplix-H, Formebolone, GABA Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, GHB, HCG, Proviron, Naproxen, Nolvadex, Trioxsalen

Plus hundreds more!

You will also get access to information on radical ways to use the following supplements and drugs. Ways that can make them transform your physique like magic.

Androderm, 19-Norandrostenediol, 19-Norandrostenedione, 4-Androstenediol, 5-Androstenediol, Chrysin, Creatine, Daidzein, ECA, Flax Seed Oil, Glutamine, Ipriflavone, Lysophosphatidylcholine, Norephedrine, Phosphatidyserine, Primrose Oil, Saw Palmetto, Silymarin, Yohimbine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Tribulus Terrestris

Take a look at the progress one customer of mine made using the inside information contained in Chemical Wizardry.

1. Here's how my consultation client Tony Merli looked before using the information in Chemical Wizardry.
2. Here's the progress Tony made using legal supplements alone for only 12 weeks.
3. Here's the progress Tony made when he decided to go all the way with steroids -- this is one year after the first photo.

Anabolic Steroid transformation

Normally, the inside information in Chemical Wizardry is only available to my private consultation clients who pay me hundreds of dollars and hour to work with them one-on-on. Or, this inside information is available to the clients who take my three day seminar "Underground Growth Explosion and Muscular Transformations." Iin fact, as I mentioned, over the last 12 months, 361 athletes, paid $1,700 each to take my seminar and 177 more signed up for my personalized consultation program. But right now, you can get all the same information that they paid a small fortune to learn, just by investing in the online guide Chemical Wizardry.

Regularly, the Chemical Wizardry guide sells for $69.97, but right now, we're testing a special promotion and if you place your secure eBook order before midnight , then Chemical Wizardry is available to you at a special one time price of only $49.97. You see, my accountant wants to see if what we lose in dollars per sale and what we lose in lost consultation revenue, will be made up in increased volume of orders - that's why we're trying this out. You're saving $20.00 off the regular price and a small fortune off the price of my seminar.

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And if you invest in Chemical Wizardry by midnight , you'll also receive the following 16 incredible bonus guides valued at $29 each, all for free and all available online right away. You get all of the following bonus guides:

The bonus guide "How to Make Finaplix." (A simple way to safely convert a cheap and legal cattle implant into a powerful anabolic steroid.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "How to Make GHB." (This is the best recipe for making this powerful growth hormone releasing and recover enhancing agent.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "IGF-1." (One of a new class of muscle building growth hormones.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Avoiding Counterfeit Steroids." (Learn the ones that are frequently counterfeited, and how to tell the real ones from the fake!) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "A Complete History of Anabolic Steroids in Bodybuilding." A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "The Four Primary Benefits to Bodybuilders from Anabolic Steroids." (A basic guide on how they work and how you can safely use them.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "The Relevant Anabolic Steroid Vocabulary." (All the basic steroid terminology that you could ever need. Use it to understand anabolics and performance enhancement substances.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs." (A very important report if you want to avoid other people's mistakes!) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "The US Federal Laws governing Anabolic Steroids." A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Secrets for getting completely ripped using a ketogenic diet." (A highly effective diet the pro's use and hope you never find out about.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Ketogenic Dieting with Insulin" (A secret technique the pro's use to make this diet even more effective.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Supplements to take on a ketogenic diet." A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "A look at Testosterone Esters." (All of the different testosterones explained to maximize results and minimize side effects.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Injection Information." (How to safely give your self a shot -- a complete guide with pictures.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

The bonus guide "Optimal Training for Muscle Growth" (How to train when using Anabolic Steroids for maximum results.) A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

And the bonus guide "Secrets for Successful Mail Order Purchases." A $29 value, yours free until midnight .

Plus as an extra special incentive for ordering before midnight , we will include a free bonus report valued at $69 on the most radical bodybuilding drug to come along in years: PGF2a. Sought after due to its fat loss and "localized muscle growth" effects, its non-hormonal actions make it the perfect drug for bodybuilders to use during their off-cycles when they are allowing their natural hormonal levels to return to normal. The PGF2a report is a review of real athletes experiences with this unique compound. The newest drug to enter the world of bodybuilding. This $69 value, is yours free until midnight .

One Final Extra!

Last but not least, just for placing your order before midnight , you will get access to 21 Free Steroid Cycles valued at $79. These are the exact formulas the top models and pro bodybuilders use -- optimized to help you rapidly develop perfect muscularity. Here's the cycles that you get:

The 2x4, The Asian, The Australian, Bodybuilding Contest Stack (No Testing), Bodybuilding Contest Stack (Testing), The European, Female Bodybuilding Contest Stack (Testing), Female Powerlifting Contest Stack (Testing), Growth Hormone & Insulin Stack, Growth Stack, The Mexico, Powerlifting Contest Stack (No Testing), Powerlifting Contest Stack (Testing), Oral Reforvit-B Stack, Size Stack, Strength Stack, The Ultimate I, The Ultimate II, The Ultimate III, and The Virgin.

Each cycle lists all the drug names, the effective dosages, and the theory behind the chosen combinations. You will also learn exactly how to optimize gains and minimize undesirable side effects.

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These cycles go from the relatively simple like this one:

Week Deca Primobolan Depot DBOL
2 300mg 200mg 30mg/day
3 300mg 200mg 40mg/day
4 300mg 200mg 40mg/day
5 200mg 100mg 30mg/day
6 100mg 100mg 20mg/day

To the more elaborate like this:

Week Deca Sustanon Cypionate GH Anadrol HCG Clomid
1 300mg 500mg 200mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
2 300mg 500mg 200mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
3 350mg 500mg 300mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
4 400mg 500mg 300mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
5 400mg 250mg 300mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
6 300mg 250mg 200mg 2iu (M,W+Th) 50mg/day    
7 200mg 250mg 200mg 2iu (M,W+Th)     100mg/day
8 200mg 250mg   2iu (M,W+Th)      
9           1500iu (M,W+F) 100mg/day
10           1500iu(M+Th) 50mg/day
11           1500iu(M+Th) 50mg/day
12             50mg/day

And each cycle comes with complete step-by-step instruction in easy to understand language.

If you bought each one of these bonus reports separately, you would pay over $650 for this information -- but today and until midnight , you get all of these bonus reports absolutely free, just for investing in Chemical Wizardry for only $49.97. Take a look:

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Free Bonus 3: IGF-1 Guide
Free Bonus 4: Avoiding Counterfeit Steroids
Free Bonus 5: The Complete History of Anabolic Steroids in Bodybuilding
Free Bonus 6: The Four Primary Benefits to Bodybuilders from Anabolic Steroids.
Free Bonus 7: The Relevant Anabolic Steroid Vocabulary
Free Bonus 8: The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs.
Free Bonus 9: The US Federal Laws governing Anabolic Steroids.
Free Bonus 10: Secrets for getting completely ripped using a ketogenic diet.
Free Bonus 11: Ketogenic Dieting with Insulin
Free Bonus 12: Supplements to take on a ketogenic diet.
Free Bonus 13: A look at Testosterone Esters
Free Bonus 14: Injection Information
Free Bonus 15: Optimal Training for Muscle Growth
Free Bonus 16: Secrets for Successful Mail Order Purchases
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Free Bonus 18: 21 Free Sample Steroid Cycles $79

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But remember, when the clock strikes 12, the deal's off, so please Click here to place your secure Chemical Wizardry e-book order and to save!

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And, at, we have a strong commitment to your personal privacy. Your trust is so important to us that when you do business with Elite, you can be assured that your personal information will never be sold, given away, or mishandled. And, you can ask that your personal information be removed from our files at any time. Please click here for our complete Privacy Policy. Or, click here to place your secure Chemical Wizardry e-book order and to save!

Here are some of our recent customer comments about Chemical Wizardry. There are hundreds of testimonials on file, but I would appreciate your reading just these few:

"Damn George! This guide is the best I have ever seen -- more here than anywhere else. Also, I like how your keeping it online lets you update it frequently."
Justin D

Dallas, TX

"Thanks a million for introducing this amazingly informative service! Using the pictures in the database, I was able to determine that an 'item' I was planning to purchase was simply sugar pills sold in counterfeit packaging made to resemble something legitimate."
Mario H.
Brooklyn, NY

"I have used steroids on and off for years. Even so, I learned a great deal that I never knew before and I discovered a safe, legal supplement alternative that helped me gain an additional 20 pounds of rock solid muscle while saving a small fortune by avoiding more of the rip off products I bought for years."
Robert B.
New York, NY

"I finally discovered all the accurate inside information on the safest anabolic steroids I always wondered about. What's more, the info. was easy to understand and the price was really low!"
Mark J.
New York, NY

"Mr. Spellwin, I needed to lose weight big time - I was a size 40 in pants and hated the way I looked. I am down to a 32 and am getting more dates than ever."
Michael G.

San Diego, CA

Now you can safely join the ranks of elite bodybuilders, top models, and world class athletes. Take immediate advantage of this special offer by investing in Chemical Wizardry today. You are guaranteed to learn everything you need to know about anabolic steroids to burn fat and safely develop a hard, muscular, well-defined physique.

So here's the recap, if you act by midnight , you will get the $69.97 Chemical Wizardry guide for only $49.97 saving you $20. Plus, you will get all 18 bonus reports, valued at over $650 for free. Best of all, your entire investment is backed up by my unconditional 100% "Screw You George! Money Back Guarantee!"


Don't decide now...

Just give Chemical Wizardry a try. See for yourself that its the best guide to anabolic steroids ever written, and use it to transform your physique into rock solid muscular perfection. But if Chemical Wizardry does not meet your every expectation or it doesn't have you looking fantastic when you take your shirt off, just call me toll free at (888) 613-8959 and say, "SCREW YOU GEORGE - I want my money back!" And I'll give you an immediate refund without question -- you have nothing to lose.

Simple as that! Your investment in a perfect body is protected by my Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is for you to be fair and at least try just a couple of my muscle building secrets. Hell, I'll even throw in a 1-Hour FREE phone consultation on top of the refund if I've let you down in any way! I'm that confident that my work will help you get the body you're looking for.

I hope you will take immediate advantage of this one time offer. Can you feel good about yourself with an ordinary physique? Of course you can. But would you feel better and have much more confidence and self esteem (not to mention attention from the opposite sex) if you learned the Chemical Wizardry secrets that bodybuilders, models, and athletes are using to achieve physical perfection? Absolutely! And think about how much more attractive and powerful you'll appear to everyone around you!

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Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

PS:� Remember, the clock is ticking, you only have until midnight , to get the $69.97 Chemical Wizardry guide for only $49.97 saving you $20. Plus, you will get all 18 bonus reports, valued at over $650 for free.

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