Building muscle and burning fat doesn't come without hard work. And building your own perfect physique will not come without proper guidance either. Let George Spellwin, Research Director of, help you explode with thick, dense muscularity, strip off every last ounce of body fat, and develop the perfect physique that will be the envy of everyone - using the latest and most effective training methods, dietary modifications, anabolic steroids and other performance enhancement drugs. Pictures of actual clients are below. If you are serious about achieving physical perfection, then this may be the most important letter you ever read!
From the desk of...
George Spellwin
217 West 18th Street #1264
New York, NY 10113-1264
Phone: (888) 613-8959

Dear friend and fellow athlete,

Personal TrainerIn the picture to the right, you can see that working with me, my personal consultation client Tony Merli, gained 40 lbs of muscle naturally, in just 10 weeks. But, Tony wanted more, much more muscle. And he had decided to use anabolic steroids to take his physique to the next level.

So, working one-on-one, Tony decided to try a serious steroid cycle that I custom developed just for him.

Would you like to see a picture of Tony after we finished his personal consultation program?

Yes, show me his underground steroid pic!

No, what can I do naturally?


Dear friend and fellow athlete,

Here's what Tony looked like after completing my personal consultation program.

Personal TrainingIf you read on, I'll show you how you can get the same kind of phenomenal muscle gains that he did. And I'll show you how you can work with me one-on-one, for only a small fraction of the $3,700 that Tony paid me to get this kind of result. But please read closely, I'm going to tell you about how we can work together for less than ever before, but this special offer is only good until midnight .

When Tony and I got started, he was very nervous about diving into an underground anabolic steroid cycle. He had heard stories, both good and bad, and didn't understand what to do. He wanted a hard, ripped, muscular body and was interested in the most radical substances around -- DNP, Cytomel, PGF2a, and Insulin. He wanted a perfect six pack and huge guns, but he was scared that without supervision, he might make the wrong decision and really hurt himself as some of the things he was interested in could be life threatening.

Tony paid my standard fee of $3,700 to work one-on-one with me here in New York to get his physique into contest ready shape. And as the picture to the right will attest, he did a good job.

I coached him every day at the gym, supervised his meals, and helped him plan his physique transforming steroid cycle.

Tony had plenty of time and money to devote to a personal consultation program like the one I developed for him. But I realize that many of you cannot just fly to New York to work with me one-on-one for twelve weeks like Tony did.

So I developed a personal consultation service that hundreds of athletes have used since 1995 to achieve their exact physique goals -- results as good as or better than the results Tony got -- all without spending anywhere near $3,700.

When you consult with me, I'll share with you all the same accurate, unbiased, and effective inside information that I used to transform Tony. The only difference is that you and I will work together over the telephone and by email. The goal is to help you achieve your goals while working within your budget and at times that are convenient for you -- and for a fraction of what Tony and many others have paid.

As each person's body type is different, so would be each person's custom training program, supplementation regimen, and optimal anabolic cycle. Whether you are an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph or have never even heard of these three body categories -- I will personally design a custom training program to help you achieve the exact results that you desire.

And in addition to working with me one-on-one, with some of my consultation packages, I'll give you copies of all the e-Books that we sell plus a lifetime Platinum Membership for the Elite Fitness Discussion Forums.

Obviously, everyone trains with different goals in mind. Some want to gain lots of muscle mass and would like nothing better than to develop an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dorian Yates type physique. Others want the muscular, toned, defined, look of the elite models in a Calvin Klein magazine ad. And still others are only concerned with having the strength and size of a top power lifter, wrestler, or NFL football player.

When you sign up for my personal training consultations, we begin with an "interview" where you'll share with me how you currently train. We'll focus on the specific areas that you want to improve as well as your goals and aspirations. Then, I will design a custom program based on your responses to our discussions and emails. Together, we'll safely attack each of the areas you and I targeted for improvement with radical programs -- no holds barred.

Together, we'll address the frequency and duration of your present training regimen. What you eat and how often. And the anabolic steroids and other performance enhancement drugs and supplements that you want to explore. My goal is to design the perfect program for you to promote exceptionally rapid and safe physique enhancement -- giving you the exact results that you want in the shortest period of time.

Then, you and I will discuss your personal program on the telephone for as long as necessary. We'll talk about everything - supplementation, nutrition, training, and of course anabolic steroids. The goal is to help you achieve the most amazing muscularity in the shortest amount of time with a strong emphasis on safety and on making gains that you'll keep permanently.

After you and I are both satisfied that you completely understand every aspect of your program, I will work with you as much as needed via email and telephone, personally responding to all of your questions and helping you achieve all your goals and overcoming all your plateaus. Contact me daily, weekly, or monthly, and I will answer each and every question you have for me. And although there is almost no questions that I cannot help you with -- since I have dedicated the last 20 years to studying medical journals, textbooks, and pharmaceutical reports and the the last 15 years helping people from all walks of life build a perfect physique, -- if you do stump me with a question, I'll do all the research necessary to get you the exact answer you need.

This is the only fitness consultation service in its class (to my knowledge) with over 100 pages of real testimonials from real, live people who actually exist. These are NOT made up. I understand that any fool on the net can type up some testimonials and stick them on a page. But I give you my word of honor that these are legit. Most of them don't have last names because that's what my client requested. They just zipped me emails to say thanks, and I'm reprinting them here for you. In a second, I'm going to tell you everything you'll learn by working with me, but first, please read a few of these...


That IGF-1 stuff is amazing. I've never seen so much muscular definition and I'd swear I even have more muscle fiber than before! I got it legally from Promega and it was so easy. I highly recommend your custom program to anyone who is tired of mediocre programs and to anyone who wants a top notch physique."

Max T.

"Big George,

You really know your stuff. I can't believe how much you know about Insulin, DNP, PGF2a, the most radical stuff out there. I placed first in my last competition and should have my Pro card in only one more month. Awesome!"

Name Withheld by Request

"Dear George,

I never knew my body could get so good with only over-the-counter drugs. I sure wish it was warmer out because this year my shirt will be off all summer long."

Jose A.


I always hesitated to try a steroid cycle because my buddies look great when they are on the juice, but when they come off they lose so much muscle that they look worse than before. Your consultation showed me how to use HCG and other cycle techniques to let me keep the gains I worked so hard for. I still have 90% of the muscle that I got on my cycle over 18 months ago."

Michael R.

"Thanks George,

I was really concerned about a cycle from a health stand point. I just finished my first one and my doctor reports I have never been healthier. And better still, I've never had so many dates!"

Richard M.

"Thanks George,

I've always been a big guy but I never had much luck getting that really cut up look that everyone loves. I learned about clenbuterol, cytomel, and the anabolic diet and I have gone from a smooth 15% body fat to a totally ripped 5%. George you are the greatest!"

Justin H.

Fact: Many (and perhaps most) of my testimonials are from clients who are not friends. They don't have a hidden motive for endorsing my service. It's just their honest opinion.

People sometimes ask me: "George, aren't those testimonials just made up?" Nope. Why make'em up when I get new ones every day? I've got another 100 pages I haven't published. Besides that, in the US making up testimonials is fraud and you go to jail for it!

Fact: Most of my clients have already experimented with steroids and did not get the results they wanted. They bought fake gear or wasted their money because the did not really know what they were doing! If you've never used steroids, don't make the mistake most of my clients do. Get all the inside information before hand -- your first cycle can be your best. And if you have used steroids before, let me show you how you can make radical improvement to your physique, safely, with just a little more information.

When you work with me, I will explain all of the following to you in great detail -- in everyday language until you are comfortable with each concept. You will learn:

How anabolic steroids can be used to safely help you develop a phenomenal physique (And how to avoid all the dangerous side effects.)

Which steroids pack on mass and what you can use to strip off fat (And how to combine different things to do both at the same time.)

How to use different drugs and other substances to prevent aromatization. (Keeping testosterone from turning to estrogen and preventing you from getting gynocomastia -- growing breast tissue like a woman.)

How to keep your gains using HCG and Clomid. (Why gain all that mass if you do not know how to keep it permanently?) I'll show you all the techniques the pro’s use to keep over 85% of the gains you worked so hard for on a steroid cycle.
What are the legal implications pertaining to anabolic steroids. (Knowledge you need to protect your butt!) Including the specific US laws governing anabolic steroids, plus instructions for finding the steroid laws of other countries as well. Learn the inner working of the agencies responsible for steroid-law enforcement (the FDA and US Customs)! Learn the actual substances banned from importation to the United States by the FDA and how to cover your tracks if you try! Learn what prompts US Customs to search an international delivery and how to prevent this!
Profiles of all the anabolic steroids from Anadrol to Winstrol and each one in between. (And how to use each one safely and effectively.)
How to identify counterfeit steroids including the brands that are often counterfeited and my "tests" to determine if a steroid is legitimate. (Remember, 50% to 75% of black market steroids are fake, and either do nothing or could be very dangerous!)
How to use steroids safely and effectively by cycling multiple anabolic steroids for short time periods (Using different steroids for only a few weeks each can eliminate dangerous side effects and promote permanent gains in lean muscle tissue -- 90% of the athletes that we survey had sub-optimal results because they used steroids incorrectly.)
How to inject steroids including a guide with pictures. (Or how to build a cycle using only oral steroids avoiding injections!)
How to use blood screenings to minimize risks. (Preventing any harm to your liver and kidneys.)
How to use natural, legal, and effective supplements and over-the counter drugs instead of, or in addition to, steroids. (Some legal supplements and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals can work miracles, others are a total waste of money!)
Which countries produce quality anabolic steroids (there are only four good ones still made in the USA.)
How to get a doctor to prescribe steroids (yes, you can get them from a doctor, but not if you tell him you will be using them to get huge!)
Learn the medical conditions necessary to get Anabolic Steroids (Yes, you can fake some of them!) and learn how to successfully manipulate your blood tests to make you eligible for testosterone replacement therapy... legally! (And your health insurance will cover the tab!)
How to find anabolic steroids including the most accurate and exhaustive directory of mail-order steroid sources ANYWHERE! Updated every week, this hot list of LEGITIMATE sources from around the world, catering to American athletes, is truly news you can use. (Not a dead e-mail address or web link in sight! And including sample price lists from legitimate overseas suppliers!)
Learn the best places to visit -- in Mexico and all over the globe -- and what you’re likely to find once you're there. Find out what to look for (And how to avoid counterfeits and the pharmacies that prey on American athletes!) And for getting back home, you'll learn what tips off Customs agents, and what you can do to sail right across the border.
Learn everything you need to know about "middleman" operations. (You don’t know what a "middleman" operation is? Then we really need to talk!)
Learn how proper packaging can dramatically improve your odds of receiving what you paid for! (Plus: Instructions to safely send packages to yourself! Directions to successfully receive shipments from mail-order suppliers! Read how to accept packages (so you get what you ordered) and how NOT to accept them (so the DEA doesn't come knocking!) Don't incriminate yourself at your front door!
How to remain anonymous (if you think Internet transactions are anonymous, think again!) Learn to establish anonymous e-mail accounts and send and receive e-mail without being traced! Plus, learn the secrets of anonymous remailers, that can scramble your messages and send them through multiple servers until it becomes impossible to find out it was you who sent the original message. (Free tip: Hotmail and other web-based e-mail services are NOT anonymous!)
How to get steroid information right from the manufacturers. You’ll be amazed how much steroid information pharmaceutical companies will provide right over the phone and on their corporate web sites for free! (I'll give you all the contact information you’ll need to try it yourself!
How to use the relevant Anabolic Steroid Vocabulary. All the basic steroid terminology that you could ever need to understand anabolics and performance enhancement substances.
The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs (so that you can avoid them!)
How to use a cyclical ketogenic diet with clen, insulin, and ephedrine to get more definition than you ever dreamed possible. (You'll learn how to use a modified version of a high fat diet ... yes, you read that right ... a high fat diet that will turn your body into a fat burning furnace literally overnight -- and how to keep from losing your muscle mass in the process)
How to make GHB and Finaplix -- becoming a kitchen chemist! (GHB will help you sleep and increase growth hormone production, Fina will make your muscles harder.)
How to use IGF1 and PGF2a (Sought after due to fat loss and "localized muscle growth" effects, these are the perfect non-hormonal drugs for bodybuilders to use during their off-cycles when they are allowing their natural hormonal levels to return to normal.)
How to train for strength, size, and definition (You'll learn how to train with super efficiency with only three 60 minute visits to the gym a week -- this is NOT a program where I suggest that you must train twice a day for two hours if you are to succeed. We both know that's impossible. Instead, I'll show you how to use High Intensity Training, to maximize your results in the shortest time possible.)

Clearly, the emphasis here will be on the radical and on the super efficient and effective -- again taking into account your personal goals, schedule, and desires for your own physique.

I am a firm believer that it is realistic and possible for your body to get measurably better each week from how it was the week before. If this is not happening for you now, then something needs to be changed fast.

And, at, we have a strong commitment to your personal privacy. Your trust is so important to us that when you do business with Elite, you can be assured that your personal information will never be sold, given away, or mishandled. And, you can ask that your personal information be removed from our files at any time. Please take a look at our complete Privacy Policy.

Don't forget, has been online since 1996. Hell, that makes us older than Google! So remember, when you place an order at Elite Fitness, your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover card number is encrypted, or scrambled, so completely, that it is unreadable during transit. You'll see a discreet charge from Elite Fitness on your billing statement. And you're 100% protected by our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

Again, your personal consultation will include:

And with some of my consultation packages, you'll also get at no additional cost, every eBook and all of the free bonus reports that I sell. Check them all out here at the EF Store.

So how much does it cost?

Ok, so right about now, you're probably wondering how much it will set you back to invest in a program that will enable you to build a perfect muscular physique. Well, I'll tell you right up front: I'm NOT going to lay out my best information that has cost me a fortune in time and dollars to uncover for virtually nothing. Truth is, you get what you pay for.

As I mentioned earlier, hundreds of clients have paid me $3,700 each for me to train them in person one-on-one. Tony, who's picture you saw above, paid $3,700 for me to train him in person naturally and another $3,700 for me to train him in person when he decided to use steroids.

You don't know this. But last year, 365 athletes who took my weekend seminar "Building the Perfect Physique" paid me $1,700 each plus hotel and air fare. No bull, I do get paid that. Why? Because for the people I work with, I can help them reach the goals they have tried to reach for years and make them look better than they ever thought possible. Period.

I figure I have at least a $127,000 of time researching medical journals, text books, and pharmaceutical reports, not to mention all of the excellent feedback I constantly receive from the athletes I have worked with in the past. My price isn't cheap but it's extremely fair.

Personal Consultation - One Hour - Your Price: $377.00

Personal Consultation - One Hour Weekly Recurring - Your Price: $277.00

Personal Consultation - One Hour Monthly Recurring - Your Price: $287.00

Personal Consultation - Five Hour Block -
Includes Complimentary Copies of all our EBooks. Your Price: $1485.00

Personal Consultation - Ten Hour Block -
Includes Complimentary Copies of all our EBooks and a Lifetime Platinum Membership on the Forums. Your Price: $2970.00

One final bonus if you sign up before midnight ...

When you invest in a monthly or weekly recurring package, a five hour, or a 10 hour Consultation Block, I will personally design 20 customized Anabolic Steroid Cycles just for you. These cycles will be your blueprint for physical perfection and they will be tailored to your exact goals and needs. Each cycle will include explicit information on exactly what to expect from a cycle and the substances each cycle is composed of including: the brand names for the various steroids, the pharmaceutical names, and the required dosages. All discussed with no holds barred and no questions left unanswered so that you can easily and quickly achieve your maximum potential. I normally charge $150 per custom cycle, so these 20 cycles have a value of $3000, and you get them all for free.

To get started, please click here to complete the secure sign-up form and save. And you will be one step closer to a perfect physique. I look forward to working with you and to helping you safely and quickly achieve the lean muscular physique of your dreams.

Yours in sport,

George Spellwin signature

George Spellwin

PS, the clock is ticking, you must sign up for my personal consultation before the end of the day on , to take advantage of my personal consultation program and get the 20 customized Anabolic Steroid Cycles. Click here to complete the secure sign-up form and save.

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Also, you may call us at any time and we look forward to speaking with you. Unlike many web sites, our phone number is not only on our contact page, but on almost every page on the site. You can reach us toll free at (888) 613-8959. Our office hours are from 10AM to 6PM Eastern time. And should we all be on the phone, we promise to return your call within one business day. And usually, we call back much sooner!

International orders are welcome. We will charge your credit card in dollars and the bank will convert the charge to your local currency. And credit card conversion rates are usually the best around! And if you need additional assistance placing your order, here's a link where you can send us an email.

PPPS, Don't live in the United States? Don't worry, I have worked with athletes from Australia to Japan to Brazil and almost every other country in the world. And if you prefer, we can do the entire consultation by email.

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