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Notacow style 4g Finakits Conversion

Here are the materials required:

This is a finakits 4g kit. 2 finaplix-h carts. 1 small marble,††

1 piece of wire cut from clothes hanger.††

Alcohol and paper towels.††

You also need a smaller needle (I forgot to put into this picture).††

Clean the marble with the alcohol.

Open the fina carts, use the wire to push the pellets into the Ďmagicí solution.

Then drop in the marble and tighten the cap on the bottle.
It looks like this:

Shake gently for 20 min.

This what it looks like after the first 4 minutes.

And after 6 minutes.

At this point you can shake very slowly and easily.

Here is what it looks like after 20 minutes.

Now pour some oil into this bottle.††

It wonít all fit and that is OK.†

†Donít over fill it.†

†(If youíre doing a 2g kit the oil will fit. Donít pour it all in. Save about 5 ml.)

Put the cap back on tight. Shake it up for a minute.

Itíll look like this.

Now, put it in a pan of cold water (tap water). Put it on the stove and heat it up.††

When it gets to almost boiling, turn off the stove.††

When mine got almost to boiling the bottle started to jump around!†

†I donít think it hurts if the water boils. Keep the cap on tight!

Take it off the stove and hide it.††

If youíre in a hurry you might just let it cool in the pan and then do the next part††

(I did that once, it comes out a little cloudy).††

I stuck mine behind some books on a shelf for 24 hours.

The next day:

Make a pan of hot water. Not so hot youíll burn yourself, but really warm† (coffee hot).††

Put the vial in the water. Let it warm up.
Also put the other bottle with the unused oil into the water.

Use one of the large needles, and the 10 cc syringe, to draw some oil off the top of the solution.

Put one of the cannons (18 g needle) into the Sterile vial.††

Attach the filter to it. Also put a smaller needle into the sterile vial.

Attach the 10 cc syringe to the filter and push the oil through.

Repeat until you canít reach far enough into the vial to get the oil.††

Change to the 5 cc syringe and get almost all the oil and push it through the filter.††

It should be pretty easy. About a pound of pressure will produce a continuous stream of drops through the filter.

Then, using the 5cc syringe, get the unused oil and push it through the filter. This is what you end up with:

Note that I left a small amount of oil on top of the gunk at the bottom.

Pop it into the oven, at 250 for 45 min. and youíre done†

(be sure your oven is actually at 250, the dial on an older oven might be wrong).†

Put it on a piece of paper towel on a cookie sheet.

Note: I pin wasn't used to vent the vial in this experiment.
It it a good idea to use one.
Make sure it when sticking the pin in the vial,
Not to go so far as to let it touch the juice.
If it does,the pressure created by the heat will push the juce out of the vial.