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winstrol for females

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about winstrol for females within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Hi guys I would like to know what could be a good cycle length running winstrol at 30 mg per day for a woman? I did a 7 week cycle of var and didn't see results, will try winstrol this time and see how it goes.

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    winstrol for females

    Hi guys I would like to know what could be a good cycle length running winstrol at 30 mg per day for a woman? I did a 7 week cycle of var and didn't see results, will try winstrol this time and see how it goes.

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    HEAD MODERATOR stevesmi's Avatar
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    Re: winstrol for females

    30mg winstrol a day would be an awful idea!!

    if you didn't see results on var either it was bunk or your diet/training isn't on point, or both. see my signature for an approved source that sells real var
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    Re: winstrol for females

    Women don't really need steroids unless they are competing. If you ran anavar and didn't notice anything then there was either an issue with your diet, training, both, or the gear itself. I would suggest looking at SARMs.
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    Re: winstrol for females

    First off - it's so important to trust your source. If you noticed nothing from anavar, your source was probably fake. For the future - before you order from any source, head on over to evolutionary.org and check the source reviews section.

    Winstrol is a TERRIBLE idea for a female. Winstrol is an extremely androgenic steroid. If you run drol, you will 100% experience emasculating side effects like clit enlarmgent, facial hair growth etc.

    The only two steroids that I feel women should use are primobolan and anavar. Any other steroid will contain enough androgenic properties that it can cause permanent emasculating effects like clit enlargement, facial hair growth etc.

    In this article I lay out primobolan cycles for women -> https://www.evolutionary.org/women-primobolan-part1

    In this article I lay our anavar cycles for women -> https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/...te)-40568.html

    The safest thing to use is SARMS. SARMS are completely anabolic substances so androgenic side effects like voice deepening, clit enlargement etc are impossible.
    You can learn more about SARMS here -> https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/...ned-46877.html

    In particular, look into cardarine. Cardarine is by far the best SARM for fat loss.

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    Moderator Lev Butlerov's Avatar
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    Re: winstrol for females

    Horrible, horrible idea for a lady to use winstrol, let alone at male dosages. It is one of the most androgenic AAS, so there will be a very high probability of you getting virilization side effects, and you need to keep in mind that these are irreversible.

    If you did not get results with anavar, then most probably it was fake - there is no way you would not feel anything with it. Remember - anavar is one of the most faked steroids, so I am pretty sure that yours was fake as well if you did not feel anything.

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