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Toit's NEW Training/Diet Log...10/06

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Toit's NEW Training/Diet Log...10/06 within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Okay, so i'm just starting this right now so that I'm aware that it's here and waiting for me on Monday...I'm as pumped as I was last year when i got down to my smallest size and in the best shape I've ever been in as well as the healthiest. I'm so ready for this because I was down to a size 2 at 125lbs and then lost a boyfriend in a breakup and started partying waaaay too much and gained 15lbs!!! DEPRESSING! but I'm coming back and I'm so focused....so now I'm at a gross 140 (gross for me

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    Re: Toit's NEW Training/Diet Log...10/06

    Quote Quote posted by toitasatiger
    I've noticed it's really helped my running become easier with the strength training but honestly i haven't really had anybody comment on any changes yet. I'm slowly starting to notice a change in my clothes but for some reason i don't feel like it's coming off that fast just yet. I'm just trying to be patient but i'll look at myself in the mirror and i don't feel like i look so great right now. this time around i started the training at a heavier weight compared to last year but I'm sticking with it. unfortunately i don't have a camera but i'll see if my roommate will let me borrow hers for some progress pics in the next week or two.
    Yeahhh that would be great!! You can also tape if you like that way you can also see what is shrinking/growing ect. Especially if the scale does not move around.

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    Re: Toit's NEW Training/Diet Log...10/06


    things have been crazy for the past few weeks but i've been consistent with the diet/training and marathon training but i didn't have access to a computer for awhile there to keep up with my log i'm back now...so i'm losing inches and I'm on week 7 now and i'm down 8 lbs. I ran 11.5 miles this past Saturday for the marathon training and it's getting easier and easier as we go up in miles. my workouts have been off this week (behind a day) because i was out of town visiting a guy i'm kinda dating that just got back from Iraq so that's been interesting...

    so today:
    m1-apple (hot water with lemon/honey) i've been really sick this last week so the diet is a little off as of Monday...not eating as much as i should be...
    m2-turkey slices
    M3-turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce and bell peppers
    M4-1 scoop whey protein isolate shake, 2 tbsp. ANPB
    M5-ground turkey with A1 sauce...mmmmm
    M6-4 rolls sushi/salmon, miso soup
    ---lots of cough medicine...
    Last edited by toitasatiger; 16-Nov-2006 at 10:43 AM.

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    Re: Toit's NEW Training/Diet Log...10/06


    am workout-back/chest/shoulders/abs (I had to make up for missing tues & wed from being sick)
    m1-3/4c egg beaters, 2 sl. wheat bread
    8:45-hot water with lemon & honey (for cough)
    m2-1 scoop whey protein shake, 1/2c. kashi cereal
    m3-4sl. turkey, 2 tbsp. peanut butter
    m4-protein shake, apple
    m5-tuna w/mayo, 1sl wheat bread
    m6-4sl turkey

    Cals-1263, fat-36, carbs-81, protein-145

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