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T-Cake's 2006 Log

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about T-Cake's 2006 Log within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: And here I go... SO after agonizing about 'to-log or not to-log'... I have decided to begin. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting better about worrying about what others think... and this thread can serve as my daily reinforcement that I work so hard to honor MYSELF first. Go me. Let's get started... Age: 26 Height: 5'5" Occupation: High school science teacher Basal activity level due to career: Busy; on my feet most of the day chasing high school kids and/or lecturing or scolding... my

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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Quote Quote posted by T-Cake
    Thank you everyone! Super nice of you all!

    I'll have to update my food for the last couple days tomorrow. Been sticking around 1600 cals despite some suger/hypo issues I had today a couple times. I was hit pretty hard by it after I walked an hour outside with Ulter this morning -- then I took 2 CB in the midday and I just didn't have enough carbs to back it up. My body is burning carbs like crazy right now.

    Meant to get lower body in tonight, but Ulter and I walked to the gym to find it CLOSED early for Memorial Day. Grrrr. Oh well.

    Like I said, I'll update all my stuff tomorrow. Ratios have been pretty good, so no crazy worries yet. I fly home tomorrow night so I think I need to spend some time now watching basketball with you-know-who.

    G'night for now.
    Congrats on teacher of the year... and a good holiday weekend!

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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Congrats, T-Cake!

    Looking good in here! Sounds like you are throroughly enjoying yourself with "you know who."

    Have a safe trip home!

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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Yes, I'm alive, I swear.

    So where the hell have I been? Um, well.

    I got back from FL on Tuesday night, and then I've been so dang busy at work the last few days getting the kids ready for final exams, filling in missing assignments, checking in textbooks -- I swear, every morning I'm like, "Today I will post on Elite!" and again... more time is stolen from me.

    I'm still on the right path and all is well. I'll update my routines and food logs in a post later on. My life is just crazy right now! It's making me loopy.

    Tonight my seniors are graduating; they are such a sweet bunch! It's just been a longggg day and I have a longggg night ahead of me. Did I mention that I also have a mandatory not-paid work day all day tomorrow too on a Saturday? Yeah -- "grrr".

    Anyway, I won't be home until 11 tonight... and then I won't get to post til probably tomorrow sometime during the day. But yes, I'm alive.

    On a fun note -- I GOT A JOB IN FLORIDA!

    Super happy about it. I'll be teaching a great A-ranked school teaching 7th and 8th grade science. So super pumped about it. Next step is to finish the school year here and then fly back down to find an apartment.

    Weigh in last week I was 168.8, so that makes a total of 16.2 lbs lost since Feb. 2 of this year. Not too shabby. I think I'd lose faster if I wasn't gaining so much muscle, but I'm not going to complain! My arms look KILLER!!!


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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Forget waiting to update -- I just found out I have some time to kill!

    T-Cake's MEGA UPDATE!

    Nutritional Updates
    Here are all my fitday stats from when I was gone.

    Sunday, May 28, 2006
    1585 calories
    32% p / 39% c / 30% f
    Yeah, this was the only day in FL that I wasn't all that pleased with, but I had dinner with Ulter and had been craving sweets forever. I had some cobbler with dinner, so my calories were still okay, but my ratio was off. I felt bad about it later; wasn't worth it.

    Monday, May 29, 2006 -- Memorial Day
    1604 calories
    36% p / 32% c / 32% f
    HORRIBLE day in terms of overheating and blood sugar! I have been taking 2 capsules of CB at lunch too and as the weather has gotten hotter both in MI and in FL, my body is just not liking all this heat. I think, however, that it's not the CB causing my struggles but rather my SUGAR levels. I drank so much damn Gatorade this day because no matter what I was eating, I just felt lightheaded and worn out. Not fun -- but I managed to keep a decent ratio and compensate at dinner for the mishaps. VERY IMPORTANT that I just didn't let myself overload on carbs "just because."

    Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    1550 calories
    40% p / 34% c / 26% f
    DEFINITELY more of a characteristic day for me, even though I was travelling home and doing some more interviews. The day was SUPER long, but I still managed to plan ahead for the airport and the plane ride by having LOTS of ISO-AGB shakes and some eggs when I got home at 11pm that night. Saved my butt and my ratios.

    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    1689 calories
    50% p / 20% c / 30% f
    Back to work today and regimen is GREAT for me. Went over calories because I didn't plan ahead for a post-workout/lift ISO shake. Grrrr. Oh well -- GREAT ratio at 50% protein (that is actually my current daily goal, and I've been slipping with it lately and settling for 40% -- WEAK, T-Cake -- WEAK!) Had a great lifting session for upper body and totally KICKED MY ASS. I'll post that separately.

    Thursday, June 1, 2006
    1511 calories
    48% p / 21% c / 31% f
    Decent day all around. No worries or anything special.

    Friday, June 2, 2006 -- TODAY
    1577 calories
    42% p / 33% c / 25% f
    LONG day, and the seniors had their GRADUATION BREAKFAST this morning with a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!! Yeah, I know... terrible. But I swear I've been craving chocolate fondue for months now so since it was here, I had some. However, VICTORY for me because 1) I logged it HONESTLY into fitday and 2) I didn't allow myself to sneak/cheat eat it. I was accountable. Dinner tonight is a 1/2 white chicken w/o skin from Boston Market and a serving of green beans. I just have to pay the price for indulging during the day, but WI is tomorrow morning, so that is incentive to keep my mouth SHUT!!!

    Exercise/Lifting Update
    * Cardio is now 60 minutes walking outside first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I did this nearly every day when in FL (even with Ulter -- very cute) and I've done it every day I've been home. I'm really enjoying it more than I thought -- I actually THINK and have more clarity during these walks than when I was doing HIIT on the elliptical.
    * Knee status -- Knees are still weird. They're okay during the day but REALLY tired and achy when done with those walks, but I make it with good form.
    * When in FL, I lifted the same upper body routine I posted last on here, but didn't keep a log because I left my journal at home in MI!

    T-Cake's Upper Body Lift for May 31
    I was SO SORE and really felt exhausted when I was done. Biggest note in my log I wrote was, "MENTAL WORKOUT AND PUSH."

    Inclined Bench Press
    15 dbs incline 4 = 1 set x 25 (too easy)
    15 dbs incline 5 = 1 set x 26 (BEST incline! My pecs and arms are CRAZY POPPING OUT NOW! )
    20 dbs incline 5 = 1 set x 10

    Upright Rows
    15 dbs = 2 sets x 20
    20 dbs = 1 set x 10 (Goal here is to do this until I can reach 12 reps)

    Lat Pulldowns
    w75 2 sets x 15
    w80 1 set x 6 (Goal here is to reach at least 8-10 reps with 80)

    Horizontal Lat Rows
    w35 3 sets x 15 (Changed seat position and now it's MUCH better form and grip and results!)

    Tricep Cable Pushdown
    w35 2 sets x 15, 1 set x 12 (Goal here is 3 sets of 15 -- I made faces here I didn't know I had... and threw that sucker down when done. I was MAXED. To quote what I wrote in my journal, "OMFG")

    Bicep Curls
    Used the BOY grip (wider grips) dbs instead -- OW!
    20 dbs 1 set x 8 wrist rotation curls
    1 set x 8 hammer curls
    1 set x 5 straight arm curls
    15 dbs 1 set x 15 straight curls (Felt I needed to compensate for my weakness with the 20s on straight curls)

    Ab Work
    Inclined Sit-ups = 2 sets x 25
    Crunches on the Ball = 1 set x 30
    Crunches on the Mat = 1 set x 30
    Obliques on the Mat = 1 set x 20 on each side

    That should end my MEGA UPDATE! So glad that is out of the way!

    Off I go to see my seniors gragimitate!

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    Elite Moderator Ulter's Avatar
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    Orlando, FL
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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    It'll be easier for you once your life is back to a predictable and normal schedule. It's hard to be consistant in your training when things around you are not. You're doing a great job of holding it together. I'm looking forward to your move. That will change a lot of this for you.

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    Da Pope
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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Quote Quote posted by Ulter
    It'll be easier for you once your life is back to a predictable and normal schedule. It's hard to be consistant in your training when things around you are not. You're doing a great job of holding it together. I'm looking forward to your move. That will change a lot of this for you.
    ^^ Ain't that the truth ... hang in there Cake .. you're kicking some major booty girl

    Great job with the updates ...

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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Quote Quote posted by *Bunny*
    ^^ Ain't that the truth ... hang in there Cake .. you're kicking some major booty girl

    Great job with the updates ...
    Thanks for the kudos. Always awesome coming from the best!

    Quote Quote posted by Ulter
    It'll be easier for you once your life is back to a predictable and normal schedule. It's hard to be consistant in your training when things around you are not. You're doing a great job of holding it together. I'm looking forward to your move. That will change a lot of this for you.
    LY too You're so right.

    Saturday, June 3, 2006
    Today was so off-kilter because I had to be at work ALL DAY, which is something that never happens in teaching. On my way home from work, I had this raging bitchiness that was just awful... I ended up sleeping on my couch for 2.5 hours. I think my body and mind are just exhausted.

    I am tempted to slip up this week -- way more than usual -- and it's really frustrating me. I had my run-in with the chocolate fondue yesterday... and today it was 2 marshmallows and a graham cracker. Total processed sugar that I had to 'confess' to Ulter... and I just felt horrible about it. Then I got home all depressed, feeling like a failure... and I wanted to binge on a Clif bar. Yeah -- totally stupid. I don't know what has come over me as of late -- but something is wanting me to sabotage myself. I keep thinking it's deprivation... but it's more like rebellion, but I don't know against what.

    That being said, after my nap I had some grapes... then went to the gym to lift lower body, even though I didn't want to at all. I was going to skip my walk afterward... but ended up saying I'd do 30 minutes. I made it the whole hour It was great, and I really thought long and hard about how I just need to GET REAL about my addiction to food and sugar. It's really not a light matter.

    I felt empowered by my lift and cardio, as well as my all-protein 4th meal at 9:30pm when I finally got home.

    If you have any words of encouragement for me on food addiction and how to get this nagging 'I'm deprived and I want junk' feeling to go away... please help me. I need encouragement SO BADLY right now.

    Finally -- at my WW weigh-in this morning I was 166.8 lbs -- I have lost 18.2 lbs since Feb. 2 now and I have lost a total of 93.2 lbs since I was 19. It was awesome to see the scale DOWN significantly; I just wish it had brightened my spirits some. 6.5 to go until the 100 LBS LOST MARK. So damn cool

    Nutrition for Today
    B @ 7:30am
    1/2 c. egg substitute, ff
    2 slices ff cheese
    4 turkey sausage links

    S @ 11:45am
    1 c. red seedless grapes

    L @ 12:30pm
    Quizno's -- 4 c. salad greens with 1/2 c. tomatoes, 8 oz. chicken breast, 2 T cheddar, and 1/2 c. red onion (ordered the Honey Mustard CHicken salad w/o bacon, btw, and changed the dressing b/c HM is too high in carbs)
    Dressing -- 2 T red wine vinegrette
    3/4 portion of low-carb flat bread

    "S"/cheat @ 2:30pm
    1 graham cracker rectangle
    2 large marshmallows

    S @ 7pm - post nap
    0.5 c. red seedless grapes

    D @ 9:30pm
    0.5 c. egg substitute
    2 slices ff cheese
    2 turkey sausage links

    1600 calories
    47% p / 25% c / 27% f (Nice work considering my sugar issue)

    Training Log
    Lower Body + Abs

    Leg Press
    w120 2 sets x 25
    w140 1 set x 20

    Hamstring Curls
    w82.5 3 sets x 15

    Leg Extensions NEW SINCE MY INJURY
    w30 1 set x 25
    w45 2 sets x 25 (will do 3 sets on 45 next time)

    Hamstring Dead Lifts
    30 dbs 1 set x 15 (too easy; not enough strain on hams)
    35 dbs 1 set x 15, 1 set x 5 (KILLS my hands; my hands are just too tiny and can't grip and hold 35s for that long -- I need to give up HDLs all together and only do good mornings; just need to kick some stupid 'use-squat-rack-as-curl-bar' asses out of the way)

    Ab Work
    Declined sit-ups 2 sets x 25, 1 set x 20
    Crunches on ball 2 sets x 30
    Obliques on mat 1 set x 20 per side I need a new oblique workout!!! Suggestions, please!

    Then, like I said, I walked 60 minutes outside (4.3 mph pace). Tomorrow is upper body and then more cardio.

    Goodnight all

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    Elite Bodybuilder nelmsjer's Avatar
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    Do not underestimate the sneakiness...
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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    T-Cake, I'm guilty of not reading your log before now, but WOW!!! You are a STAR!

    1) Teacher of the Year!!
    2) Multiple job offers!!
    3) Almost 100 lbs. lost!!

    GREAT job!

    Sooo......are you coming to the July show (Treilin's)?

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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Quote Quote posted by nelmsjer
    T-Cake, I'm guilty of not reading your log before now, but WOW!!! You are a STAR!

    1) Teacher of the Year!!
    2) Multiple job offers!!
    3) Almost 100 lbs. lost!!

    GREAT job!

    Sooo......are you coming to the July show (Treilin's)?
    Awww, thanks for the compliments! Super nice of you. Yes, I've definitely had my fair share of hard times and I've had to bust my butt to get where I'm at today with ALL three of those things, especially #3. I have 6.5 lbs to do until the 100 lb mark... I want it real bad now.

    Sunday, June 4, 2006
    Today went real well with both training and food. I managed to have breakfast out at a family-owned restaurant that doesn't serve ANYTHING healthy and I wasn't afraid of slipping up anymore. I was avoiding that place like the plague for awhile, but I'm much more in control now than I was a couple months ago.

    During my walk, I realized just how much clarity I get during that hour. It makes it so much easier to get goin' with it, and usually I don't even want to stop.

    Below are my stats for my nutrition, my training today, AND MY MEASURMENTS which I have never posted before. To keep it short, I will only post where I was on Feb 2. when I started training with Ulter's help... and today's measurements. Side-by-side comparison.

    B @ 9am
    0.75 c. egg substitute
    1 c. grilled chicken breast
    4 tomato slices
    4 turkey sausage links
    32 oz. water

    L @ 1:30 @ Papa Vino's (with my brother)
    1 grilled salmon fillet (7 oz)
    0.75 c. linguine
    2" square of bread
    1 tablespoon of olive oil (in pasta)

    S @ 4pm
    1.5 c. strawberries

    D @ 6pm
    2 Don Marco "healthy torillas"
    1/2 c. red onion
    1 T garlic, shopped
    1 c. raw spinach
    2 plum tomatoes, chopped
    1/2 c. fat free cheese (1/2 mozzarella, 1/2 cheddar)
    Made quesadillas after I sauteed all the veggies together -- SUPER good! Also great if you do spinach with tomatoes, feta, and mashed chickpeas/garbanzo beans and garlic. Just an idea!
    10 small strawberries

    S @ 10pm
    SF orange Jell-o

    1588 calories
    49% p / 23% c / 28% f

    Training Log

    Inclined Bench Press
    15dbs 2 sets x 25
    20dbs 1 set x 12
    *All incline 5; great sets.

    Upright Rows
    15dbs 2 sets x 25
    20dbs 1 set x 10
    *REALLY CRAZY DIFFICULT, but felt very effective. Still aimin' for 12 reps with 20s...

    Lat Pulldowns
    w75 black bar 2 sets x 15 (BARELY made it to 15 on set 2)
    w80 black bar 1 set x 10 (Journal reads, "HOLY F*CK")
    *These KILLED -- silver bar is a wider grip than the black one so it's always easier... any thoughts on whether one grip is better than the other? Should I rotate them?

    Horizontal Lat Rows
    w35 3 sets x 15
    *Felt AWESOME! Closed my eyes and grunted my way through it; awesome.

    Tricep Cable Pushdown
    w35 2 sets x 15
    1 set x 13
    *REALLY close to 15s for all three sets! These were killer! Lots of grunting and throwin' it down again.

    Bicep Work
    Switched back to the "girl" dbs with the smaller, more manageable grips
    20 dbs wrist rotation curls 1 set x 20
    hammer curls 1 set x 15
    straight curls 1 set x 8
    15 dbs straight curls 1 set x 20 (Again, compensating for weakness...)

    At this point, my upper body was BURNT OUT. I know I had a great workout, but again, it was mentally exhausting because every set I'd tell myself "You can do one more rep..." I don't know what got into me.

    Ab Work
    1 set declined sit-ups of 25
    2 sets x 20 each side -- oblique dips/leans with 25 lb plate
    I really wanted today to see how I'd do with these today; nothing crazy with ab work because I did it yesterday, but I wanted to try something for obliques since I feel they need more of a workout.

    CARDIO: 1:05 walk outside -- 4.4 miles around the city block where my gym is.


    March 7, '06 June 4, '06 TOTAL Loss
    Weight: 178 Weight: 166 Weight: -12 lbs
    Chest: 37.5" Chest: 35" Chest: -2.5"
    Waist: 38" Waist: 35" Waist: -3"
    Hips: 45" Hips: 41.5" Hips: -3.5"
    Thigh: 27.5" Thigh: 24.5" Thigh: -3"


    Nice note to end this on.

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    Da Pope
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    Re: T-Cake's 2006 Log

    Quote Quote posted by T-Cake
    LY too You're so right.
    Hope to meet you at Treil's show if you're still in town.
    Nelms is right.. you have so many things to be proud of .. and yet another ... Great job on the 24 inches

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