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Sparkling water

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Sparkling water within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: I've been trying to get myself to drink more water and less soda, yet even though this might work for a day or two, i always stop drinking a good amount of water after a few days. I was in the store the other day and saw the flavored waters... they still have aspartame in them, but theres no sodium, calories, anything. I was wondering if this is an ok replacement for water. i know the best way to get my water in for the day is just to drink water itself. but if i cant get myself to do this, i'd

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Thread: Sparkling water

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    Re: Sparkling water

    I only drink tap water. At the country house, this is not filtred, only a pump. This is a big concerns for people who receive Canadian tourists, they can brush their teeth without to be sick. Try to eat an apple after drink water if you need sugar and wait ten minutes.

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    Re: Sparkling water

    Quote Quote posted by SteveMobsterG View Post
    Feel free to debate me on the frequency, use and so on of roid usage in a typical user vs the need to drink water.

    Forums can and do muddy the water and make us think every one is on roids non stop and using silly amounts.

    And cute... of course lol

    It IS, however, becoming more and more of an issue with the average Joe as to consuming anything that isn't flavoured or with sweetners added vs plain old water. That's kind of fucked up.

    Tiger is the crystal light addict, this is Bob. She looked for some peer reviewed medical study on aspartame consumption leading to insulin insensitivity. Have not been able to find it yet. If anyone has a link to one or a copy it would be interesting to read.

    We all pick and choose our vices based on weighing the pros and cons. Diet options, workout choices, over the counter supplements, research compounds like peptides and SARMs, HGH and AAS.

    I was recommended to consume 100 ozs of water a day by one dietitian and I can't disagree with that recommendation. I don't think anyone would argue that 100 ozs of diet Pepsi was a good choice. What I did find that worked for me was to ad a scoop of vanilla whey protein. It made a 16 oz bottle of water much easier to drink. I suspect there is something in there to improve the taste. Am I worried about what it is? Well not really.

    I worry more about the number of compounds I use that are not FDA tested and approved. Not that I am all that confident in the FDA but I am pretty sure the TRT prescribed compounds are what they are supposed to be. Everything else I just take on faith.

    Bottom line is you can choose to use artificial sweeteners or not based on "possible" side affect. I think the argument here is that if you use almost any supplement you are choosing to take a chance. Eating only pure organic certified foods and supplements if that is even possible is an option. A difficult one I would bet.

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    Re: Sparkling water

    Part of this comes down to choices and (supposedly) our being better informed.

    Now the water vs soda thing is, as described, a LOT bigger and far more common of an issue than any presumed level you and I could come up with for sarms/ped/roid use.

    Take where I live (Wales in the UK): I've done Youth Work and we saw plenty of problems with stim based soda drinks like Monster. That was 4 or so years ago. The Welsh Government took it seriously enough to ban sales to under 16 year olds. Every tin, never mind the sugar and or sweetener, contains 150mg of caffeine. Most people (and esp kids) don't join the dots regarding both the stims and sweeteners and their effects (staying up late, poor sleep, sides in the morning, needing more of the same).

    The same MUST apply to soda for both sugar and sweeteners and peoples responses to them). The way the first post was written and indeed a reply or two after (and as per other similar posts - which I remember when others do not - is people NEEDING something flavored. To the point where simple water, nothing added, is a no no. Isn't that kinda fucked?

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    Re: Sparkling water

    Try adding a fresh lemon or lime wedge, a slice of cucumber, or a couple of berries.

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