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Scorpio's Journal

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Scorpio's Journal within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Ok, I started this on the 12th. My problem cravings are white wine and crunchy, salty things (popcorn & potato chips) as you will see. But I'm really trying to cut them out. I'm trying to keep my carbs low and protein high. Not training for a show, but my goal is to have a "fitness" build. 5" 4 " 125 lbs 23% bf 09-13-05 - Measurements

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Hey girl! Nice to see you started a log/journal! I've found it educational & helpful!

    A suggestion: You may want to drop the deli meats - they have a lot of added junk that won't help your body. It'd be healthier to roast up a small roast beef on a Sunday & store some in the freezer & fridge for later & the week.

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Thanks, Jen! Goin' to the grocery tomorrow. Getting lots of meat to cook - I'll probably be in the kitchen all day!!! lol

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    09-17-05 cont.

    4:00 PM
    1 Cup Ground Turkey, WW Pasta, Spag. Sauce

    5:30 PM
    2 Grape Tomatos, 3 Tobasco Dill Pickles (HOT - YUM!!), 8 Baby Carrots

    2 Cups Popcorn

    7-9:00 PM
    2 Vodka / Diet Squirt Coctails
    1 6 oz Glass Wine

    Totals: CAL 1773, FAT 78, CARB 72, PRO 108

    09-18-05 - High Carb Day - Day Off Training

    8:00 AM
    1 Ephedrine Tab

    11:45 AM (woke up @ 7, but just wasn't hungry)
    3 Pieces WW, Low Carb Toast

    1 :00 PM
    1 Ephedrine Tab

    2:15 PM
    3 CLA Caps

    2:45 PM
    Protein Shake

    3:00 PM
    1 oz Lay's Potato Chips

    3:30 PM
    1 Ephedrine Tab

    4:30 PM (Logan's Roadhouse - CHEAT MEAL - but still not very hungry)
    Diet Coke
    2 Rolls
    2 Buffalo Chicken Tenders
    1 Loaded Baked Potato

    7:15 PM (the rest of my CHEAT MEAL)
    2 Buffalo Chicken Tenders

    Totals: WHO KNOWS!!! I'm driving myself nuts trying to find nutritional info. on Logan's. It's a cheat meal any way!

    Oh, I just couldn't do it. I HAD to know my totals for yesterday, so I found KFC's nutritional info. for the chicken tenders and used their info.

    Totals: CAL 1876, FAT 129, CARB 134, PRO 84

    7:00 AM
    YES & 1 Ephedrine Tab

    7:30 AM 20 Min. HIIT Elliptical (5 min. warm up, 4-1 min. sprints - 3 min. rest between sprints)

    8:00 AM
    Protein Shake

    10:15 AM
    3 CLA Caps

    1:45 pm
    3 oz Roast Beef

    I'm trying to work in the Flax Seed Oil, but I just can't choke it down sometimes. I think because I was mixing it in those nasty Universal shakes that were making my stomach turn. It kind of ruined it for me. I keep thinking about it, but I'd rather do my CLA caps.
    Last edited by ScorpioGirl; 19-Sep-2005 at 03:04 PM.

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    09-19-05 cont.

    2:15 PM
    1 Ephedrine Tab
    1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese

    4:35 PM
    3 CLA Caps

    I'm off to train and cook!

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    09-19-05 cont.


    Smith Mach. Lunges 12x65, 12x85, 12x95, 10x95
    Leg Extensions 15x25, 12x25, 12x25
    Bent Leg Deadlifts 15x45, 12x45, 12x45
    Standing Calf Raises (SM) 20x95, 15x95, 12x95
    Sissors 3 sets, 45 sec. each
    Crunches 3 sets of 25

    7:00 PM
    Isopure Protein Shake
    Creatine & Glut

    8:30 PM
    Salad - Dole Greener Select
    1 TBSP Olive Oil
    1 TBSP Vinegar

    Totals: CAL 1174, FAT 113, CARB 22, PRO 98


    7 AM
    1 Ephedrine Tab, Shower, YES

    7:40 AM
    20 Min. HIIT Elliptical - 5 min. warm up, Four 1 min. sprints, 3 min. rest between sprints

    9:15 AM
    Fresh Egg Salad - Mmmmmmm
    2 Caps Green Tea Extract
    1 Cap Fish Oil

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    09-20-05 cont.

    1:15 PM
    1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese
    1/2 oz Almonds

    2:00 PM
    1 Ephedrine Tab

    2:15 PM
    1/2 Cup Ground Turkey w/tomato sauce (crushed canned tomatoes, Olive Oil, Splenda, Crushed Red Pepper, Dried Chopped Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Cilantro, Parsley and a pinch of salt).
    1 Slice WW Low Carb bread

    4:00 PM
    3 CLA Caps

    6:00 PM
    1 Ephedrine Tab

    ......have an awesome night!!!

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Could you post up your recipie for egg salad? I hate eggs but I like egg salad. Also, are you hungry during the day? It seems like you don't eat much?

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    Pro Bodybuilder mermaid's Avatar
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    Question Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Hi Scorpio Girl, you said in another post that sometimes you can have up to 125-150g of fat in a day. Is it OK to have these many fat grams, even though they're the good fats? I still don't understand the low carb / carb cycling thing. Since I've been logging, my fat grams have been over 50 and I've been worrying about it - I thought it was getting too high.

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Ok, SB here's my Egg Salad recipe:

    15 Eggs (only 7 yolks)
    2 Cups Mayo (Real Mayo - not the best fat, but I low carb)
    1 TBSP Honey Mustard
    *optional* 1 TBSP sweet relish (I usually don't)
    1-2 Packets Splenda

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Scorpio's Journal

    Mermaid....regarding the fats....here is a thread you might be interested in reading - and - I generally try to get 30-50% fats per day.


    Here is some more info. for you:

    FATS - Some dietary fats are good for your fitness goals and other dietary fats are very bad for your fitness and your health. Fats, like carbohydrates can either be burnt as energy or stored as bodyfat. Fats generally burn faster than carbs, therefore they are more readily stored as bodyfat. Dietary fats have roughly 9 calories per gram, as opposed to 4 calories per gram for protein and carbs. Along with being used as energy, healthy fats provide a host of other benefits, including maintaining overall health and even making your skin and hair look better. Unhealthy fats (saturated fats) can do just the opposite, especially to your skin.

    Sources of "good" or "healthy" fats include but are not limited to:
    Fish Oil (basically fats found in fish)
    Nuts (good source of protein and healthy fats)
    Olive Oil
    Flaxseed Oil - can be found in most nutrition stores
    Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - also can be found nutrition stores

    Sources of "bad fats" include, but are not limited to:
    Anything that it deep fried (french fries, fried chicken)
    Fat from animal sources, such as the saturated fats found in beef and pork and the saturated fat found in milk.

    Low carb - The basic idea here is to reduce calories by restricting carbohydrates considerably, while allowing more dietary fats. After you have used up the small amount of calories that comes from carbs, the body will be using mostly dietary fats (healthy fats only) as it's primary source of fuel. Sugars are basically eliminated on this diet.

    I've tried low fat diets, and they just don't work for me - but that's just me.

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