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Roonytunes 2006

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Roonytunes 2006 within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: General goals for 2006: 1) Make fitness and a clean eating lifestyle a high priority 2) Continue daily logging on EF 3) Find ways to enjoy life that do not revolve around eating/drinking 4) Appreciate my weekly cheat meal without going overboard 5) Consume less alcohol overall for my general well-being 6) Try to get rid of as much of my estrogenic fat deposits as possible which translates to consistency in a tight diet and keeping up my cardio/strength training routine. 7) Take a

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Thread: Roonytunes 2006

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    Re: Roonytunes 2006

    ^^ Dang girl!! That's a helluva lot of pushups!! Good for you!

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    Re: Roonytunes 2006

    Quote Quote posted by Roonytunes
    I'm going, I'm going!!! I get into Columbus on Thurs night so I can see the amateurs at 9am on Friday. I'll be there through Sunday evening, so we'll definitely all catch up. I'll PM you my cell #...Bunny & Duckie should already have it, I think.

    Personal update: still eating clean & training hard....accomplishment of the day: we had a push-up challenge at my boot camp class today and I beat out everyone (boys, girls and the instructor) by doing 102!!! I didn't even know I could do that many and am convinced I could squeezed out another 10 or so more if I had someone still challenging me. But the second place winner had stopped at 80, so it was just me counting and everyone staring, so I just gave in a tad before true failure. I'm going for 120 from now
    That's a kickass story! Totally love it.

    Cannot wait to see you!!! And who are these said 'Savage peeps'?

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    Re: Roonytunes 2006

    Thanks for the kudos on the push-ups. It's always nice to surprise yourself with your own strength as all you PR girls know And everyone clapped when I was done!

    Quote Quote posted by T-Cake
    And who are these said 'Savage peeps'?
    I follow Cathy Savage's program now...and there'll be a bunch of Savage girls who will be there that weekend. Some to compete, some to support so I have quite a few friends to meet up with - Bunny calls 'em my Savage peeps because she is just cute like that.
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    Re: Roonytunes 2006


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