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Oxandrolone Test

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Oxandrolone Test within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Hi all! As mentioned, I tested my oxandrolone (Oxanabol 50 tablets of 10mg from Alpha Pharma) with Roidtest. I am not familiar with the source but a of mine friend is. Regardless, I wanted to test it is oxandrolone before starting taking it. The box comes with an authentication code. The scratch off was a bit harder than those in lottery tickets, but was successfully authenticated on their website, and batch and expiry date matched with what its mentioned on the box. The box itself

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    Re: Oxandrolone Test

    ^^^ sorry, i keep forgetting lol

    just to let you know PSL does have some domestic options, check their site.
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    Re: Oxandrolone Test

    Quote Quote posted by fitgoals View Post
    You keep on insisting in a male lol but the whole point here is to avoid becoming one because of the steroids

    Unfortunately I cannot risk to get an overseas shipment and get it detained in customs, even taking it with me on my luggage would be too risky. My friend (who is working towards becoming a pro bodybuilder) knows and trust the source as he is also supplying him, but didn't want to go bindless into this without doing some research on my own...
    Cool. Has he competed on a national level yet?
    Need coaching?
    2 spots lefts!

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    Re: Oxandrolone Test

    Quote Quote posted by Fella Finn View Post
    Cool. Has he competed on a national level yet?
    Yes! in his country (Serbia) and in the UK.

    I have to say I trained upper body today and after pull ups my forearms felt really tight and hard, and veins were really popping on arms, something I've never experienced before... didn't last long though haha

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