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Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!! within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Well we all know and love this little firecracker... her awesome quads, devilish good looks, and awesome confidence... that ability to work the stage, she is known as being TOO SEXY.... we've all been with her through her health issues and could not be more proud and happy to see her hitting the stage once again... 24K - all the best to you this weekend. We will all be thinking of you and there in spirit.

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    Elite superqt4u2nv's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    Quote Quote posted by Miss24k
    Hey ladies,

    Just got back from Toronto, yesterday after the show, I didn't have have time to get online I went out to dinner then had to wake up early, cause as I was leaving the event, a photographer came up to me and wanted to shoot with me before I left the city. So I did the shoot this morning at 6am.

    As for the show, once again I don't get what they are looking for. I did 2 categories as QT said, and I was 1 of the first girls called out in both, but apparently that doesn't mean anything. Cause I didn't place, I want to say I think I'm done with FAME, but I know I probably should be doing there big events, because I meet alot of photographers that want to do shoots, I shoot for a few magazines (cross your fingers). LOL I actually ended up making a crowd form around 1 of the shooting, and everyone started taking pictures, my boyfriend was dying of laughter, he was like what the hell is this, I haven't even seen the pros cause this much of a scene. It thought it was funny how I turn it on in from of the camera.

    I really want to say thank you to QT for coming out and supporting me, you have no idea how much that meant to me girl, it was so great to meet you, I only wish we had more time to chat. And thank you for all the pictures lol, I can't believe you took that many, lol.

    Well QT took a ton of pics and I'm trying to post some up but for some reason it won't let me.
    Ok so I was not alone in the call out thing I was so confused I stayed tell the end cause I was like I got to get pictures of her with the trophies then I was like wtf.

    Not suprised about the crowd forming your dam hot and can work it I love your presents on stage great energy about you. As for FAME I say keep doing the big shows if only for the sake of networking if fitness modeling is what you want to do that is the place to be scene. Obviously photographers saw what I did and screw the judges if they didn't.

    What can I say girl the camera loves you With the shutterfly album if you right click on the full size pics and the select proporties the ulr will show copy it then img tag it like so:

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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    Wow! Great pic... Love the bod and hair, makeup looks great too!!!

    Thanks for posting pic qt!

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    Elite Mentor
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    Jul 2001
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    Quote Quote posted by superqt4u2nv

    Holy hotness.

    Seriously - you can't give this up - keep doing your thing, keep flirting with that camera because some smartie is going to snatch you up and plaster that face and bod every where.

    That pic is fantastic - it captures YOU.

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    Elite Bodybuilder iceprincess's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    I want to see more pics! You look awesome in the pic that is posted!

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    the-short-one's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    HAWT!!! Way to go, Mizz Short thang.

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    Da Pope Sassy69's Avatar
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!


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    Cyborg Miss24k's Avatar
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    Thanks QT Here ladies these are some of the pics QT took, the red was my sportswear, and the white was for the bikini category. QT just missed the swimsuit round of the fitness model comp, cause they had us on early, but I have some pics from that, as soon as I get them off the camera I'll post some.

    Oh lol I forgot to tell you ladies how I entered the stage in the bikini round, lol. So we were all supposed to go out do our poses then stand at the back of the stage, well there were so many girls for that category and they started to block the entrance and the guy in the back was telling them to move, so he looks at me and says hey you have to options you can toe around them to get out, or go right through them and move them out of the way. LOL Now what do you think 24k would do, lol, of course I was more them happy to move them out of my way, especially being that in that category there was no height separations and I think I was the smallest in the group.
    People came up to be after saying how much they loved I did that. The boyfriend of course was laughing.

    Yes QT after the show I was upset, cause I was like I don't get it, I had photographers coming to the back wanting to introduce themselves, and told me they had taken all of pictures of me on stage and asking me to contact them so I we can set things up to shoot.

    Even a few of the girls backstage were like omg I don't want to be next to you, I laughed.

    But anyway my point is this I realized this weekend that if my goal is to win a FAME competition, I probably should give up now, cause I doubt it will ever happen, but that isn't my goal so I will still be doing their large shows, the 1s were I can be seen. So I'm not disappointed or even upset., with this weekend, it was alot of fun, and it reminded me how much I love being on stage. I was so nervous at first.

    Thank you ladies so much. QT that's 1 of my favorite pictures also.

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    Da Pope
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    Sep 2004
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!


    I am SO proud of you...
    SO PROUD... I cannot even put it into words right now.

    Email me or call me.. need to chat.


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    the 1 who knows it all
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    May 2005
    just tryin to keep whole instead of in pieces!
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    wow, those pics came out awesome as usual...I think you looked fantastic

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    Banned florencia's Avatar
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    May 2006
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    Re: Miss24K Kickin' some booty at her show !!!!

    You look great! If possible tells us about your cut!
    I saw the pictures you posted June 5th and there is a visible difference...
    (POUT) I want tooooooooooo learn!!!

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