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IcePrincess Journal

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about IcePrincess Journal within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Hi, everyone! I am new to EF but have been following some posts for about a month or so. This will be the first post for my log journal, and I'm not really sure how to start this off because I have quite a few things to share, some background to give, etc. But, with all that aside, I am very excited to get started and get some feedback. My goal is to gain 5-10lbs of lean muscle mass on my upper body. I know that nutrition is a HUGE part of the gaining process, but I am currently in

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    Olympian que_66's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
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    Re: IcePrincess Journal

    Hiya IP! You burn up any sneaker soles lately with those wind sprints?

    I've never been to AZ but Texas is as close as I've gotten but my sister lived in Pheonix and said the colors were "liquid" (ie: pure and intense)- I loved Texas and I'd love to move there. NO SNOW!

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    Re: IcePrincess Journal

    Quote Quote posted by iceprincess
    He just thinks that he is tough and intimidating!! lol
    I was figuring it was some kind of tough workout or something.....like Nelm's House of Pain Boot Camp...

    Hiya IP!! Is it a dry heat??

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    Cyborg ck2006's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
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    Re: IcePrincess Journal

    HELLLLO you,

    AZ eh! My uncle lives down there in the winter.

    NEW LOG, NEW LOG, NEW LOG! and they all rejoiced YEAH!!!!

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    Re: IcePrincess Journal

    Quote Quote posted by iceprincess
    Thanks Bun's!!

    You can't imagine how freaking BEAUTIFUL it is here!!
    Yep it is...
    Things I learned the hardway when I moved.
    - Watch the blacktop bythe desrt in the middle of teh night.... GREAT place for the rattlers to come up in the night time to get warm... So just check around your vehicle just in case especially at night.
    - Scorpians.... These lovely things love to live in your shoes.. so... make
    sure to check your shoes out before putting them on.
    - Whenever you see lots of *I can't remember if it's roadrunners or quail*,
    that means there are probably rattle snakes in the area. They eat them.
    - Opening windows just allows more dirt in the house... not really air.
    - Black car, with black leather seats, covertible... is a nice winter car there.
    - Running long distances or working-out = creates hardly any sweat if at all.
    - Look out for cars that the bumper is almost hitting the ground... more then likely illegals with a bunch of people in the trunk.
    - and hmmm... that's all I can think of right now!!!

    My favorite thing though was the mountains, They ALWAYS looked different depending on the day or even time of day. There is an actual phenomenon that occurs about midday if you are standing at the right angle to the mountains off in the dessert.. I'll have to look up what's it's called again... but it looks like the mountains actually turn upside down and so the peaks are touching the dessert and the bottoms are up in the air. It's an illusion and wicked. It makes it look like you are standing on another planet.

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