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HGH for ladies?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about HGH for ladies? within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Is it common for women to take HGH? Do they get great results from cycling it ?

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Thread: HGH for ladies?

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    HGH for ladies?

    Is it common for women to take HGH? Do they get great results from cycling it ?

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    Moderator SteveMobsterG's Avatar
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    Re: HGH for ladies?

    Common? Not on these boards but yes the anti-aging properties work as well for women as they do men

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    Re: HGH for ladies?


    In women in bodybuilding, yes... most of girls I know use it, not only HGH but a lot of other peptides.

    In general, no.

    Like Monster said, same benefits for men and women. What differs is the dosage.

    The therapeutic dose in adults ranges from 0.15 to 1.33 mg/day. The dose should be gradually increased or decreased according to the person's individual needs, as determined by the concentration of IGF-I. The daily maintenance dose rarely exceeds 1.0mg/day. Considering THERAPEUTIC USAGE.

    In general it is indicated that women use a smaller dosage, but some studies have shown that women may require higher doses than men because men have shown increased sensitivity to IGF-I over time. This means that there is a risk that women, especially those on oral estrogen replacement therapy, will be under-treated while there is a risk of men being over-treated.

    The exact dose should therefore be monitored every 6 months by your doctor. Best is... the lowest effective dose should be used.

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    Re: HGH for ladies?

    HGH is safe for females to take since it can not cause emasculating side effects.

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    Re: HGH for ladies?

    I dont believe its super common. But has good effects for anti aging.

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