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Girls on Steroids Podcast

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Girls on Steroids Podcast within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: Ladies please listen to our "Girls on Steroids" Podcast where we talk about female steroid use: https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-podcast-311-qa-girls-on-steroids/ Check it out guys!

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    Chairman Member RickV's Avatar
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    Girls on Steroids Podcast

    Ladies please listen to our "Girls on Steroids" Podcast where we talk about female steroid use:


    Check it out guys!

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    HEAD MODERATOR stevesmi's Avatar
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    Re: Girls on Steroids Podcast

    well worth the listen. make sure you check out the other podcasts too
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    Re: Girls on Steroids Podcast

    Make it a sticky

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    Moderator MasonicBodybuilder's Avatar
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    Re: Girls on Steroids Podcast

    This is great because we get tons of questions from females on steroid use. My recommendation for women is to stick to the natural route unless they are competing. If they insist on PEDs I would rather see SARMs use over steroids. In the case that they are going to use gear and compete, I recommend sticking to anavar and oral primo only. Too much risk when they get into test, EQ, deca, or winny. Those are the ones I am usually asked about.
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    Chairman Member Tazz's Avatar
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    Re: Girls on Steroids Podcast

    this is great info

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    Re: Girls on Steroids Podcast

    Thanks for this. I'm familiar with some SARMS and steroid profiles, but other than that it's an information jungle out there, especially for women.

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