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Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Gains. within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: How long away from the gym will I start to lose the gains I have made in the gym ?

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Thread: Gains.

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    How long away from the gym will I start to lose the gains I have made in the gym ?

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    Re: Gains.

    Quote Quote posted by statewide22 View Post
    How long away from the gym will I start to lose the gains I have made in the gym ?
    Your body will start braking down your muscles right away (start losing gains about 24 to 48 hours post exercise). There are alot of factors.
    *your genetics, DNA
    *your activities, exercise, work,
    *your nutrition (foods), macro's, supplements.

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    Re: Gains.


    Don't be narrow-minded and stop doing something important because you will be 1 week or 1 month away from the gym... Can be work, vacation, recovery, surgery, anything. Do what you have to do.

    Your body is not dumb and if you stick to the diet, you will not disappear or blast if you stay away from the gym. There's life, it happens and sometimes we have to give up something but the minute you get back, you'll be back on track quickly.

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    Re: Gains.

    you start losing conditioning after 2 weeks and it accelerates after that

    but that is okay.. we all need a break.. if you do not take breaks and/or deload the body will punish you.

    I took 2 months off 2 years ago and my body really neeeded it, i came back stronger after
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