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Easiest way to cut fat

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Easiest way to cut fat within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: What is the easiest way to lose fat? Would fasting be a good option?

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    Easiest way to cut fat

    What is the easiest way to lose fat? Would fasting be a good option?

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    Re: Easiest way to cut fat

    Intermittent fasting can have really great results if your diet and training are already consistent.

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    Re: Easiest way to cut fat

    For some people it can be a useful tool to control their caloric intake. I wouldn't still say there is necessarily easy way out.

    If you want results you need to put in some work.
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    Re: Easiest way to cut fat

    fasting works not because you are limiting calories, i get so sick of people saying that who push intermittent fasting and don't even understand how it works. that is weight watchers and 95% of females fail miserably cutting calories so don't do that. in fact, weight watchers even ADMITS their shit does not work long term.

    fasting works because you are limiting insulin release and boosting glucagon. it is all about hormones here. that is the secret, it isn't because you are limiting calories. the evidence is you can eat the same foods/calories in a small window during the day and lose more fat than someone who eats the same spreading it out. that is why calories in/out is bullshit

    as a female you can benefit tremendously from fasting protocols. the mistake people make is they eat a diabetic diet of frequent small meals. this myth has destroyed not only gut health, but also put people into an insulin resistant state. you can read about every type of fasting if you click my Ebook in my signature, it is a simple guide
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