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Countdown to Competition Log......

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Countdown to Competition Log...... within the Women's Fitness (Female Bodybuilding and Training) category.

Excerpt: So I finally got everything together. My show is in April and I am starting my diet 13 weeks out. I'm 5'4" tall. I had the hydrostatic bf done and I am at 24% (higher than expected) Due to that, my trainers are having me start at 13 weeks. My weight is 151lbs (which is also high). It turned out that my sickness over winter break caused me to lose some muscle and gain some fat. I will have the hydrostatic weighing done every 3 weeks and posing practice 1xweek. My diet is as follows(example):

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Quote Quote posted by Aries13
    Last night I hurt/pinched a muscle in my right hip/hamstring. I was trying to do a lot more weight that my body can do...and that made my leg work out shorter. I was so upset.....but it feels better now. Last night was horrible!!!

    You don't seem to understand than you can't make your body do what it's not ready to do, trying to do more weight that you can handle isn't very smart, especially for someone who is to get on stage soon, you can hurt yourself and not be able to train at all.

    In any case good luck.

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    Question Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Here's a question....kinda early to ask about it now but better now than later...

    PRO TAN??? Im sure that most of you girls who compete have used it. I was just wondering what it really is...how it works...is it any good...anything bad happen to your skin after..etc.??????

    *Thanks for the advice everyone...again and again....I will keep trying my best, keeping the diet in check, working hard and listening to my body!!! It will be great to get the results in the upcoming weeks and do this thing!!!

    Im learning, Im learning....first time for everything,..

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Hi Aries,

    about the 'arms numbing out' thing - it might be something called 'Thoracic Outlet Syndrome' that results from really tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. I think Treilin is a massage therapist, so she might have a better idea on this, but if you start massaging your neck and shoulders (especially the front and sides of the neck), looking for the really sore spots, just before you go to sleep and when you wake up, it may help.

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    Question Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    diet is the same....
    8am: 1/2 c oatmeal, 1 packet splenda
    11am: 1 med. sweet potato, 6 egg whites
    1:30pm: 1/2 c brn rice, 1 can tuna
    3:30 pm: 6 oz. turkey slices, 1 small grape fruit
    6:30pm: 4oz. chicken breast



    dips: 4 sets of 15
    skull crushers: 50lbsx10 4 sets
    push down: 30lbsx10, 20lbsx15 3 times
    single arm kick back: 24lbsx12 3 sets
    dumbell kick back: 12lbsx10 3 sets


    dumbell press: 20lbx12, 20lbx12, 20lbx10, 20lbx8, 20lbx10
    military press: 45lbx12, 45lbx12, 40lbx12
    side raises: 75lbsx10, 70lbx10, 60lbx10
    rear delts: 50lbsx12 4 sets
    shrugs: 35lbsx12 3 sets

    .....I've been waking up several times throughout the night...I have trouble sleeping lately...anyone else experience this? Could this be related to the diet?????

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    no comments on the sleep pattern???

    ok....today was a light day....30 min cardio HR @ 150-170

    8am: 1/2 c oatmeal, 1pckt. splenda, 1.5 scoop protein powder(multi vit,calcium and vitC)
    11am: 1 sweet potato, 6 boiled egg wh.
    1pm: 1/2 c brn rice, 1can tuna
    4:30pm: 5oz. turkey breast, 1 med. apple

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Quote Quote posted by Aries13
    I started Monday...so pretty short amount of time. It would be great to hear from someone who has actually done this diet...I will be adding in more carbs if I am still having problems with energy after this first week. I will add in things like ff or lf cottage cheese, low carb bread, and 2apples. I will cuz the protein portions down to 4-6oz. instead of the 8. Now,this is after I have at least tried this diet for a while, but so far it has been really challenging. Any inputs?
    When I said I did the low carb diet, I meant LOW CARB. My carb intake was less than 10 grams per day. If you want answers from someone who's done the low carb diet.....that would be me! Low GI was not included in my diet either. A carb was a carb was a carb and if what I was eating had more than 1 gram of carbs per 100 calories, it didn't go in my mouth. It doesn't sound like your going to be anywhere near as strict on the carbs as I was, so you may do ok with it. Allowing the low GI carbs sounds more like the SB diet and not the Keto diet.

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Quote Quote posted by Aries13
    .....I've been waking up several times throughout the night...I have trouble sleeping lately...anyone else experience this? Could this be related to the diet?????
    ...just tossing and turning - or waking up and can't go back to sleep? In any case, sounds like your a little nerved up. Maybe a little meditation or yoga could help with that.

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    you know.....its varied....i feel almost "anxious" a lot of times throughout the night.....its mostly waking up every 2-3 hours and then tossing and turning....falling asleep....then all over again. The other night I went to bed at 10....woke up at midnight and I seriouslly felt like it was morning and I was about to go do cardio LOL...the pilates/yoga sounds like a good idea Im just not sure how I will fit that into my schedule. I have experience with pilates so maybe I can get a yoga/pilates video or something(what do you think???) Ive never done a video so im unsure....
    -now that Im seeing the results from this diet, I do not want to change it anymore. The low carb high prot diet was dismissed in my case b/c my energy levels dropped severely and I had high fevers throughout the day(101+). Ive basically balanced out my diet and upped the carbs. I will however keep it mainly protein...just a little bit more carbs.

    ---I cannot imagine how you dealt with a diet THAT extreme. I was struggling witg 75g/day.....props girl!!!! Im sure the results were amazing!

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Looking forward to seeing your Pics!! You're doing great!

    As far as the sleeping goes...seriously try some ZMA. It will not only help you recover from your workouts but it will also help you wind down and relax at night. I take two of those a night, and I am out!

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    Re: Countdown to Competition Log......

    Hi Aries!
    Question...are you keeping your carbs at 75g everyday?? I competed last year in two figure comps and my trainer put me on a carb cycling diet. It was fantastic! Are you planning on doing this? It really leaned me out while I mt. my muscle mass and never felt depleted!

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