Hello group, the attached file represents my attempt to encapsulate WS principles into spreadsheet form. I am providing this for the benefit of others and for constructive critique. I realize it is imperfect and welcome respectful contributions. Please don't tear me apart if glaring errors are found - I am not pretending to be an expert; far from it as I am requesting assistance as much as providing it.
My sources for the spreadsheet are the Westside Book of Methods, several excellent posts within this forum and various similar locations which I can cite if needed. Thanks in advance for your input.
Note - I compete raw and have attempted to find as much info as possible on proper percentages for 'unequipped' lifters versus the typical geared lifters. Therefore the spreadsheet has key differences on the DE day compared to the standard approach. My primary source for these differences is here: The Westside-Barbell Conjugate Method: A Users Guide - Syatt Fitness | Syatt Fitness.