needsize's ab routine?

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Excerpt: I heard it mentioned quite a few times, just wondering what it is :P

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    Originally posted by needsize

    I'm doing 5 sets of 8 reps with a 45lbs plate, only doing them 1x per week

    Mikeyboy, I'll give that a try, I've been thinking about it and I think I curl forward a bit, to take the strain off my lower back
    Needsize, do you still do them once a week even while dieting??

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    Re: ab workout

    Originally posted by mikeyboy604 kinda keep your abs flexed and your back a bit curled when going down halfway...
    I'm curled a bit when I do them also.

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    videos? Where?

    BTW - this sounds great Needsize. I have a 4 day cycle. I do 100 speed crunches on day 1 and 3 along with 50 weighted sidebends, and I can put this on day 2.

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    Re: needsize's ab routine?

    Originally posted by Needsize:

    Try this one, this is the only ab exercise I've done for a couple of years now, and it totally transformed my abs
    Start on a decline bench, slowly lower yourself until your around halfway down, to the point where you feel the most resistance. Hold that for a slow count of 5, then slowly bring yourself back up. That's one rep, aim for say 5 sets of 5 reps, to start, once you can do that, either add more reps or start to add weight. My abs now stick out to the point where I can see them pretty well even when carrying a lot of bodyfat. This was taught to me by a nationally ranked powerlifter, as a means of strengthening my abs to improve my squat, so it has that benefit as well as building wicked looking abs.[/QUOTE]
    GREAT routine!!

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    Re: needsize's ab routine?

    This exercise sounds good I will give it a try. What other different exercises for abs are you guys doing ? Need all the help I can get LOL

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    Re: needsize's ab routine?

    man, I used your rutine and I started felleing the burn!! I loved it!!

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