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what is crossift exactly?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about what is crossift exactly? within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: I ran into a buddy of mine at the supermarket and he looks really good, i asked him what he has been doing and he smiled and said crossfit. I had heard of it before but wasn't sure what it was all about, can you guys kinda give me the info on how it differs from weight training and if it is good

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    All Natural JonD13's Avatar
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    Nov 2020
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    Re: what is crossift exactly?

    I think so, they are fit, strong, flexible and healthy. Well that according to a friend, never tried it yet, but like to try it if chance will come...

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    Chairman Member Topps_Baseball88's Avatar
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    Re: what is crossift exactly?

    Cross fit is injuries waiting to happen

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