I've noticed that there are a lot of new, inexperienced guys on here asking about steroids and what cycle to take. A lot haven't even got a regime sorted out, so thought I'd post a pre season gym routine my team have used for the last few seasons.

3 sets per exercise.

Bench Press x 10-12 superset with Push ups x 20. Rest 1 minute.

Seated rows x 12 superset with Pull ups x 8. Rest 1 minute.

Leg press x 12 superset with lunges x 10 each leg. Rest 1 minute.

Dumbbell press x 12 superset with Lat Pull down x 10. Rest 1 minute.

Crunches x 15 superset with Leg raises x 10. Rest 1 minute.

Squat x 10 superset with Bridge (lie face down, elbows tucked in, backside up) x 45 seconds. Rest 1 minute.

Bicep curl x 15 superset with Triceps x 15. Rest 1 minute.

It's simple, don't wander round the gym aimlessly. Get a gym plan sorted out, doesn't have to be this one but stick to it otherwise you're not going achieve what you want. 3 times a week is more than enough, get plenty of rest and sleep. Your body needs sleep to repair. The most important thing is diet. If you're aiming to bulk up, eat plenty of protein, fruit and veggies, enough calories and watch the fat intake.

As for steroids, there's going to be more experienced and better informed people than me on here. But if my Sports Science degree taught me anything it's that you should stick to a test base for your first cycle and don't go stacking it with stuff like Trenbolone etc. You need to know how you react and if you're stacking stuff you're not going to know what's causing the problem.

Hope this helps. Good luck.