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Rest day

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Rest day within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: Currently utilizing push , pull, leg, with one day off and then a repeat... I do chest/shoulders on push, back and arms on pull, and legs on legs.. Abs every gym day... I have been murdering my triceps on pull day as my best friend who has my ideal arms has told me to do twice as much tricep as bicep... This kid never jucied or anythjng but is big as hell and his arms are boulders... He told me to do three type of pull downs 12x each and on the last set (4th) all negatives which has been

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Thread: Rest day

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    Evan , I do agree with you. I am making some gains in the tricep area... And I would have to agree that I have a much better tricep workout when there fresh as opposed to same day as chest and shoulders

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    Quote Quote posted by BEAST420 View Post
    Pretty much I'm curious as to this...would it be overkill if let's say I do chest shoulders and the next day kill it with triceps (along with back and bis). Assuming I do legs the following day and eithor just repeat it with no days off or take a rest day depending on how my body feels...
    When Ido triceps I like to do a lot more then bis bc it's lagging and bc it's the bigger muscle in the arms... So I will do all those pull downs along side close grip, dips, and or skull crushers...
    To much ? To little ? All advice is greatly appreciated
    Your over thinking it. If they hurt then skip em, if not hit em. I started doing bicep curls every day, and my biceps have responses tremendously. Just get your nutrition In, and a good nights sleep and go at it again. If your eating a surplus of calories, they are gonna grow if you keep breaking them down and feeding them.

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    I would say ur chest and shoulders r receiving to much help from ur triceps. No harm in changing to tris first, then u will truly see how much ur other exercises for chest and shoulders rely on them. Need alittle more mind to muscle connection. My triceps would just be warmed up enough to then concentrate on them if I did them last. However everyone is different in their training as well as their level of developement.

    Without seeing u training in person it is hard to say anything.

    If u continue on as u r, i would put a rest day as I stated.

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    I think I'm going to continue as is and just throw a rest day... I have done legs , push, pull , and will do legs again tommorow and then take a rest day... I actually like hitting triceps on pull days bc there fresh... I had a killer tricep workout along with my normal pull day... However I am sore as a motherfucker!!! Deff need a rest day after tommorow

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