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most you ever squatted

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about most you ever squatted within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: Looking to hear some stories about most you ever squatted and want to see who the strongest guy on the forum with squats, especially want to hear from mobster, Iím sure he benches cars. My current record is 225 pounds, donít laugh at me but I am very new to this. I only weigh 130 pounds so I think that is pretty good. Also any tips to improving the squat would be appreciated.

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    Re: most you ever squatted

    Quote Quote posted by MasonicBodybuilder View Post
    I have never lifted for strength. I have always squatted ass to the grass with the best form possible. I probably only hit 405 for a single rep as a max. Now I wouldn't touch that as I do not lift heavy like that. I would do a couple plates for reps today.
    I've worked with clients who want to add muscle and 2, maybe 2 and a half plates, are more than enough to get a nasty workout from.

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    Re: most you ever squatted

    Quote Quote posted by SteveMobsterG View Post
    Once I get a new PB of 340kg / 748 my style the aim will be to drop down to 5 plates a side, same style, and work to 20-25 reps. That will blow my thighs the fuck up. Right now, cold, measured over a pair of jogging bottoms my right thigh is 30-inches dead on. The rep program will, I think, get them up to an all time high of 31-inches or so cold.

    It's worth adding that I am NOT even close to bodybuilder lean.

    Stevesmi's repping high 500lbs for his height and weight etc in normal squats is actually very impressive.

    Here was yesterday's leg session (all sets and reps):

    SSB Hatfield Squat: bar (20kg / 44lbs) x 20 reps, 60kg/132lbs x 8 reps, then 140kg/308lbs x 6 reps, 220kg / 484lbs x 6 reps (I put on my support belt for that) and finally (proper power belt added) 300k/660lbs x 4 reps.

    Leg Press: 145kg / 319lbs x 8 reps, 265kg x 8 reps, then ALL my big plates and some Cambridge Roll Wheels (pic on Instagram again) for a total of 654 or 664kg (about 1460lbs or so) x 8 reps (for this kind of weight I push off the safeties).

    I haven't used knee sleeves or knee wraps n a couple of years so no added support for squats or leg press (just wearing my support belt)

    Then Leg Extensions and Lying Leg Curls to finish

    I should also add I'm not using ANY PEDs at the mo. Nothing. I'm actually thinking of using 10-20mg a day of Halo soon (10mg preworkout for sure) to get me to the 340kg (so about 4-6 weeks of Halo). My last cycle was low dose Var back in September/October when I last benched 175kg (touch n go style) with sleeves on (all time PB 'on' was 190kg / 418lbs)
    nice bro

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