STretching is an important component of lifting, this we all know. However, too much stretching, especially after a stressfull workout can do more harm than good. SO.... What is the happy medium. During the last year I have incorporated partial stretching in between sets as a method of increasing blood flow to the target area. The difference is that the stretch is only held for 2-3 seconds. Holding the stretch too long can lead to more damage to muscle fibers and tendons than good.

In the case of biceps for example. After doing a heavy set of straight bar curls, the bis are pumped. If you notice many times your arms remain bent after several sets due to the tendons and muscles tightening. By merely stretching the bicep for a 2-3 second count you allow much more blood to flow in the target muscle. This is why you see many BB's double pump before hitting a most muscular pose during a show for example.

This was a popular method by Arnold. In theory and practice it makes sense. The ancillary benefit to this is allowing total focus to the target muscle. This light stretch coupled w/ Squeezing the muscle ( posing ) after a set or workout can be of great benefit in engorging and working on the mental element of lifting. Peace