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Ideal age ?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Ideal age ? within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: Can lifting as a teenager have an effect on my height as I begin to get older? What would you guys recommend safe age to start lifting heavy ?

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Thread: Ideal age ?

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    Ideal age ?

    Can lifting as a teenager have an effect on my height as I begin to get older? What would you guys recommend safe age to start lifting heavy ?

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    Re: Ideal age ?

    Genetics and diet will be the main factors in your height. Lifting will not help this, but it is still good for you in other ways.

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    Re: Ideal age ?

    i used to coach and judge weight lifting at the HS level. i would have parents always tell me they didn't want their kids in the sport because they were worried about height or that it was dangerous. the hypocrisy is that they would have no issues with them playing football or hockey which CAN and WILL effect your height if you break bones and also your mental state for CTE.

    the truth is the only concern with weight training at any age is the effects it has on your joints, soft tissues and discs. however if done CORRECTLY it is perfectly safe. safer than many other sports.. hell i knew a kid that was PARALYZED from soccer of all things. he collided with another kid. i would NEVER allow my kids to play hockey or football, but i would gladly want them weight training. it is a great way to build strength and confidence. however i would want them doing it RIGHT. never over train and never lift heavy. and always compliment it with yoga and stretching
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