"sung to beat of 'where is thumpkin'"

"I love deadlifts, I love deadlifts,
yes I do, yes I do.
I think it brought my test up,
that'll get my dick up,
I'm pumped all day,
I'm pumped all day. "

Sorry guys, I've been back in the gym for three weeks since I recovered from gyno surgery and I think coupled with a shit load of squats, clean and presses, and tons of dead-lifts my nat. test is shooting way up. I'm getting zits on my back(i know its nothing to be happy about, but I think it just a sign that my body is producing more test). I have been getting more vascular every week, and my energy, confidence, and overall mood is 1000% better than it was 3 weeks ago. I can't wait to do a cycle, I'll be bounc'n off the walls, but I think I'm gonna ride the natural high out for a while. I'm no veteran body builder but I think squats, clean and presses, and deadlifts should be some core movements in everyones regimen. Or maybe I'm just too happy.