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Growing my hamstring

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Growing my hamstring within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: so my dream is to compete next year I really am getting into bodybuilding but after working with a coach who took me in the room and have me pose for him he said that everything look good on my body but he said that they would penalize me for bad hamstrings. he gave me some tips to improving my hamstrings but said at the end of the day it was genetics and there wasn't much he could do from there. My question to you is this anyone suffer from Bad genetics with hamstrings and how do you improve

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    Chairman Member ballin2504's Avatar
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    Feb 2021
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    Re: Growing my hamstring

    Keep lifting them they will grow

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    Chairman Member Tazz's Avatar
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    Apr 2019
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    Re: Growing my hamstring

    LUNGES !!!

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    Olympian oxymoron's Avatar
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    Re: Growing my hamstring

    Keep trying different things. I changed my foot placement to higher position on the leg press platform and my hamstrings and ass feel like they're literally on fire during that exercise. Also try unilateral seated and lying leg curls to finish the hams off.

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