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Vote for the Best New Chat & Lifestyle Forums Threads of the Month!

Members, Vote for the Best New Chat & Lifestyle Forums Threads of the Month!

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George Spellwin's Best of Elite Poll

The Best Threads
Elite Moderator

Please help us find the Best New Chat & Lifestyle Forums Threads from the most active and most viewed threads of the past month!

Please vote on the Best New Chat & Lifestyle Threads that you posted this past month.

The top three winners will receive:

First Place: 1000 Karma Hits
Second Place: 500 Karma Hits
Third Place: 250 Karma Hits

Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

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Jesus George ? talk about scraping the bottom of the last barrel, gimme my hamster green max karma hits back and breathe some life into this place ! theres more life in a mortuary
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