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Approved Log UGFreak ParaPharma Log - Testosterone Cypionate and Primobolan

Sunday September 17 2023

So opening this post today I will say compared with yesterday I came out strong I came out pumped and I put on one hour of quality lifts for leg day today.

I can say I almost felt sick by the end of it lol, I very much enjoy Leg days like that. The one option I have for legs that isn't a Smith Machine is the hammer strength leg Press. Last week when I hit 540ish lbs for 15 I knew I had much more in me and today the gym was not busy so I went for it.

I started with 4 45lb plates each side and worked my way up into 9 45lb plates each side which is 810lbs total weight pushed for 12 quality reps, I definitely feel I could push 1000lbs as 810 went up like butter for me, only down side is only enough room for 9 45lbs on each side. I was excited regardless moving 800lbs today.

I switched up my routine and did leg Press first and back/front Squats last in my workout today and it paid off, after pressing that much weight all my other lifts today went up so damn easy it wasn't even funny. I feel today was just one of those days everything was feeling good everything was clicking.

Typically the arthritis in my right knee bothers me really bad on leg days, today my right knee didn't bother me one bit, I think alot of it is the fact I no longer weigh 245lbs I'm closer into the 200lb range , overall my entire body and mind is starting to feel really good and happy and I am doing way better than when I first started this journey with my logs.

I've always felt my best being closer around 195lbs-210lbs I feel lite I feel well built and I can be more athletic that way.

I had shuch crazy Quad activation today by the time I hit cardio my legs felt pumped out of control and like limp rubbery mess, I loved it though that spent feeling was great lol.

Cardio I did 40 minutes but very slow because my legs wanted to give out on my the entire time but it was worth it, I need to find ways for forcing growth and not do the same machines all the time and not get comfortable, being uncomfortable is when the growth happens the most.

For the first time in months I actually felt comfortable squatting and I hit a 315lb squat for 10, definitely could have added more weight but I didn't, my knee felt good at 315lbs so I stopped at that weight. I immediately went from back squatting into front squat and I was actually able to go lower than the bench and reach full depth, which I was always afraid to do because of my knee, but I needed to try I needed to go for it and keeping front squat at 145lbs I did full range everytime pass the bench seat that Typically I touch and pause on the seat before going back up in the movement.

Those are my thoughts for the day.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Topps 💪



Hammer strength Leg Press

Leg Extension Machine

Hip Abductor Machine

Back Squat

Front Squat
145lbs@3x10 ( the pump and Quad activation with this after back squat was insanely good )

Cave Press using Hammer Strength Machine


Cave Press Machine

Incline 5.5
Speed 2.5
Duration 40 minutes
Calories burned 220 ( legs absolutely fried I could not walk any faster if I tried lol, we still made sure we got the cardio in and completed, can't skip on a cut or for health supper important always do my cardio)

Overall this was a fantastic way with ending my workouts for the week, Monday Tuesday are my rest days than back at it again on Wednesday 💪
looking strong bro
Monday September 18 2023

Today is injection day and I've hit a cross roads in my mind, i am sitting here looking at my para pharma bottles and seeing I only have 3 bottles left for my cycle two opened that I've been utilizing and one final unopened bottle of primo.

I keep thinking as I look at the bottles I have enough left and enough time left that I need to see and find out what is possible and what I can achieve for the remainder of my cycle and push myself more than I already have been.

Sitting here looking at the syringe I just loaded up and I can't help but wonder how the muscle will react with taking what I loaded up into it.

This whole cycle I've kept my test at 200mg a week and my primo at 200mg a week. I've come to the decision that pretty soon I will be on just my trt dose and taking time off for proper recovery. I want to push myself so I can look my best with before and after photos for my cycle when it comes to a close.

I am telling everyone this because for the reminder of the cycle I will be utilizing 300mg of primo instead of the 200mg a week I've been on, this jump is nothing crazy, i just know I will have a better more noticeable cosmetic increase at 300mg of primo vs 200mg, with primo being on the more mild side I feel I can make this jump in mg amount, if I find out I can't handle it it immediately goes back down into 200mg a week of primo instead of 300mg a week.

I am not upping the primo to get stronger or achieve anything of that nature I purely want to experiment within reason and see the cosmetic differences between 200 and 300 .

Looking at the syringe I have loaded up 2.4ml right now which would be the most I've ever injected in one shot, I feel the ventro glute would probably be the best place for this injection though I could be wrong about that, I just feel it would be the most logical place for it.

In the syringe I have loaded up 200mg of primo and 100mg of testosterone. I've opted to keep my testosterone dose at the same 200mg a week I see no point in upping my testosterone per week from 200mg. The whole goal of this experiment is to let the primo do the work and have the testosterone in the background complementing the primo.

The goal is shaping the muscles getting lean and vascular as best I can by the end of this cycle. While I know I will have more cycles to run in the future. I want to take full advantage of my first one as I've offen heard more experienced guys say the first cycle is the best cycle, so while my androgen receptors are fresh i want to see what is possible.

I am not getting greedy here the remainder total mg amount per week would go from 400mg combined both compounds into 500mg a week combined with both compounds. I am not being stupid or risky. I am trying to stay grounded and logical with this.

The plan going forward would be Monday 100mg of test 200mg of primo & Friday 100mg test 100mg primo rounding out to 200mg total test a week and 300mg total primo a week.

I never plan on going super high with anything just enough for cosmetic enhancement and some added strength enhancement each cycle, more so leaning on the cosmetic side of things.

Now I've gotten very use to the feeling of pip with 100mg primo and what it feels like for a few days after, nothing bad at all really, so hopefully doing 200mg in one shot of primo won't be a nightmare.

I could always break up the primo in 3 weekly injections m/w/f if I can't handle the pip with my current method.

Maybe alot of you will disagree with me upping 100mg of primo and maybe think I am a complete idiot for doing it, that is OK I welcome all feedback and above all not what I want to hear I like hearing what I need to hear and the facts my feelings don't matter when it comes to needing to be told and hear the truth just how it has to be.

Hopefully this will explain in detail my logical perspective and why I wanted to approach it this way and hopefully I've laid my thoughts out clear enough that this all makes sense for all of you.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Topps 💪 View attachment 141681
love to see the para pharm
Wednesday September 20 2023

I will Start this out about diet because I've been reading my log and Mobsters and a good amount keep asking about it.

2lbs lean ground beef a day 1lb lean Ground tukery a day 4 cups of veggies or if I feel something different for carbs two packets of oatmeal

I eat this way every single day no exceptions other than a cheat meal once a week that falls in my macros so I don't go out of control.

It breaks down into 255g protein 100g fat 50-70 carbs depending on how I mix the veggies and how many i eat portions wise.

It always breaks down into 2186 calories a day, I don't post diet alot because I don't ever change it as my goals aline with the diet I put in place.

Also update on the 200mg shot of primo on Monday, I was nervous but a few days later it just feels like a mild bruise a little annoying I know it is present but overall peace of cake doesn't hinder me stop me or prevent gym movements or day-to-day walking around laying down etc.

Para pharma does one excellent job with limitations on pip with the 100mg/ml primo buttery smooth I handled the 2.4ml of oil no issue mixed into the same syringe. Now that I feel confident with that it will help me with future cycles and multiple compounds injected and bring comfortable.

Mood good sense of well being good overall no negative sides I can report on so far so good this deep into the cycle, para pharma is just quality simple as that.

I will attach some gym photos down below as well I typically don't take any during my workout but I decided what the heck I will take some today.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Topps 💪


Side DB Lateral Raise standing

Seated DB Side Lateral Raises

Seated DB Front Raises


Seated Machine Rear Delt Flys

Seated DB Shoulder Press

Barbell Front Shrugs

Duration 32minutes
Incline 5.5
Speed 3.1
Miles 1.60
Calories burned 203


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