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testosterone injections with anavar

I say lower your testosterone dose and add in Primo instead if you want a light cycle has top quality anavar. you won't go wrong with it
so I want to try injections for the first time with steroids
I’ve used orals before
gonna be stacking anavar with it but low dose maybe 20-25mgs a day
test will be 500mgs a week and 2 pins a week split dose
goal is more strength and size.
had some questions
Since I’m doing injectables mostly do I still need liver support?
How long do you run anavar with test?
How long do you run the test?
I’m 27 years old
6’2’’ and 210 pounds
Yes. There are still issues. N2Guard
I would go with test by itself first.. let yourself see how you respond to it and just focus on that... as you get more experienced, THEN consider stacking with anavar...

My general rule you should always run liver support oral or injectable.
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