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Tbol/Sus/Deca or Tbol/Sus/EQ and Dosage of Duta(hair loss)?


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[FONT=&quot]Hello. (Please understand my poor English)
I was wondering if it was OK keeping my hair if take Deca and Duta(or Fina). (I take Duta everyday even not in the cycle)
I googled a lot and finally got this site.
As you know, some people say it is myth((Test)+Deca+Duta=OK), but some people not.
and, others say, (Test+Deca+Duta = OK), but (Deca+Duta = Not OK).

I had to choose and weight-lift is just my hobby.(No purpose for contest)
I took Dbol(5week)+Deca(250mg/week/10week)+Duta(0.5mg). I think I got a little(or little) damage on my front hair line(left side, not both or not whole line). But it is acceptable.
People cannot notice it.
But the problem was, I was very very worried. I didn't know which one is right choice. I couldn't stop Duta, so I kept taking it everyday with Deca.
Because the one thing I concerned about is 'hair loss'.

Now, I am considering next stack.
Tbol + Sus(250mg/week) + Deca or EQ(250mg)

1. Sus also causes hair loss, but it is inevitable. so make an exception.
Which one is better idea? believe myth, depending on my experience, and take Deca + Duta? (with worries)
or EQ + Duta? (I think this is taking the bull blocking converting to DHT. but this article "" says
'EQ- 5AR inhibitor will not help' --- I have no idea why and it is true or not)

2. Do I have to take high dosage of Duta for the both cycle? If so, I will take 1mg?

Thank you for understanding my English.
Thank you!


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Here is a good video for you to watch on the worst steroids for hair loss and prevention tips:

The 3 main prevention tips are:
1. Supplement with finasteride at 1mg/day - this one is controversial so do your research first
2. Daily use of N2shampoo from
3. Daily use of a Rogaine or minoxidil spray

Lev Butlerov

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You might as well use a product by Vichy called Decros Neogenic - it is extremely effective to stop hairloss, and it really promotes the growth of new hair. Sometime ago my wife had some bad hairloss due to thyroid problems, and this product was a real savior. Sincerely, I was pretty amazed with its effectiveness, and I did not expect it to give such results.