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Still feel bad and anxious after PCT


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I have done 7 weeks of test injections of around 600mg average. The first injection was on September 17 and the last injection on November 1st and I have run the post-cycle from November 15 to December 6 (3 weeks), but I felt pretty depressed by the chlomid, so stopped.

Last week my tests began to shrink until two weeks into post-cycle (i.e. 4 weeks after last injection) they were back again.

Week 2 and 3 of the post-cycle were horrible, especially because I had started a new job and a lot of social contact with new people during post-cycle.

I still feel quite insecure, anxious, withdrawn (antisocial) in daily contact with people and it's been already 4.5 week since I started the post-cycle.

I bought everything that would help, e.g. St John's Wort, and now since a week Tribulus, but still I feel so anxious and withdrawn at times.

Any tips for me? The dark period in which I felt depressed during weeks 2 and 3 is over, but I still feel far from the old me.
Well you are almost to the 2 week mark. I'd go ahead and get them next week if you can. You may have to bite the bullet and let it work itself out for a couple weeks. I've fortunately never been in the situation.
Pct is to jump start your test production from 0 to where you naturally stand. Some people bounce back faster than others. Some people don't recover at all. You had a short cycle though so give it 2 months before you start to feel normal again.
It's too early, right? Shouldn't I wait at least 2 to 4 weeks after a 4 week post cycle?
i would wait atleast a month after pct meds to get blood test.
so when you say you stopped clomid, does that mean that you didnt really do a pct then? what else where you taking? nolva/tamox?
also it seems you havent done nearly enough research to warrent have doing any cycle right now. 7 weeks is waste. i assume no AI was used and the pct sounds like it went bad.
you need to keep researching if you ever plan to do this again and do it safe and effectively.

as for what I think you should do, i think you should do a 4 week pct of clomid AND tamox. even 35mg clomid ed and 20mg tamox/nolva ed would be a decent pct. and one thing to note, when recovering in pct and post pct you are likely to feel a bit off and that should be expected. but some to complain about clomid so its not just the recovery. just lower dose a bit if needed imo
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