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Re-opening TD's and products are in, NEW products, NEW look, NEW dosages


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Here is my all NEW td with pics representing the NEW Euro-Pharmacies crisp and refreshing seal of excellence and authentication of "Quality"
that is now here on display for your viewing pleasure just prior to our grand NEW re-opening on the 11th just after taking a recess for several weeks..

We told you that we would be back and bigger and better than ever..

Once again EP is growing their superior product line even larger in response to the high depend and ever so growing customer base.
Now all of PSL's loyal customers or potential client can enjoy the great products with a new look, new dosages, new blends all with with a great attractive look.

The new look includes a safeguard with security hologram labels that are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest level of security for
products, packing, boxes and even leaflets..
These ID holograms provide the highest level of security and protection against counterfeits.

These features are using the latest security technologies and techniques making them near impossible for any counterfeiters
to manufacture or produce copies or create fakes.

Vision's first item up is Test Cyp..


Second up is both Test Cyp with some Test Undeca

Third is a very unique test, sitting with NO ester attached in oil base. For fast acting and instant output..

Fourth is a very unique a game changer, Stano/winny at 50mg sitting with NO ester attached in oil base. For fact acting and instant output..
This product will be great when hoping to avoid back pumps PWO that can come with some orals, mostly dbol or var, yet winny could also display the same for some users.

This trio right here is a great complimentary mixture of some of the most underrated products in the market, some having some very unique off label properties as well, and when used in conjunction, these can provide almost miraculous results with feeling and looking young again.
MT2 for clean and healthily looking skin along with amazing results with full torque ejections that at times can be random, but yet never fail. Hands-down down the most potent ED product on the market IMO, off label ED product would be best to describe with the benefit of getting and maintaining a health tan.
Test Base for the fast acting PWO or libido enhancer, and BPC-157 for faster recovery on off days or between training the same muscle groups multiple times a week.


Here we have the NEW Euro-Pharmacies oral line. Just a snippet pic of a few of the NEW oral product line.
The tab's are pressed tightly and have less of a chance of crushing, almost being crush proof, they score perfectly when lower dosages are desired.







- - - Updated - - -

Click images for direct access to EP's product site, for info on product authentication, pics,
test results and NEW released product and much more.

Educational purposes ONLY.

Please see approved vendors for product purchasing. if highly recommended for sales and services.

Ampules and 10mL vials

Orals, color coded and white tablets, sachets and blister packs.


Almost forgot
And.... These new bad boys..
ad by vision

I was having some problems on line today..
My brain was on overload with all the new products , combos, and sexy ass products.
Next thing I knew it said I had 2 carts...lmao..
I hope everyone is enjoying the the return of PSL as much as I am. Happy shopping from the dog!
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