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RAD-140 looks like the strongest sarm ever, any update ?


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"RAD-140, however, has shown an anabolic/androgenic ratio of about 90:1, and actually antagonizes (partially blocks) the effect of testosterone on the prostate. That’s an impressive demonstration."

No any update about that sarm ?

Not popular because still unknown and nobody want to take risks ?

No bloodwork ?
Im really interested in this one as well. It has an amazing profile. No adverse effects on lipids, or on liver enzymes, and is actually protective of the prostate.
It looks almost too good to be true to be honest.
Yeah there is something wrong.. More gains than any other sarm, you can recover the lipids and the blood pressure and the hematocryt from your aas cycles so this would be the ultimate compound for bridges.

No sides at all and lot of gains .. There is something wrong we will discover it cause cancer in 3-4 years maybe!
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