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power lifts and olympic lifts for bodybuilders...

ive heard that power cleans can add extra thickness to the upper back, and how its the 2nd most productive single exercise for putting on mass behind the squat and deadlift. BUT, how do i perform a power clean? What do clean and jerks, snatches, highpulls and cleans do? I mean, how are they beneficial to one that looking for extra mass? Most importantly how do i perform them?


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I will bump a thread entitled "Cleans for Cubanito" for you.

Also, the best way to learn is to have a GOOD coach show you, and there are a lot of lousy coaches out there. Go to

Go to "about"
Go to "LWC"

This will point you to your local weightlifting center. I am assuming you are in the USA. If the center is not near you, they should be able to refer you to someone.


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I don´t know how much powerlifting and olympic lifting have in common. I don´t know if any of my training partners does olympic lifting and if it helps powerlifting. We use bodybuilding training in powerlifting for some of the supplemental stuff like lats.


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The olympic lifts will help you be more explosive, but I have honestly never heard of them putting on size. I don't feel that I've put on size while doing them in 6 months.


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I started as a 148 pound Olympic lifter. Seven years later I was still drug free and a 225 pound Olympic lifter. You squat and pull four to six times a week and see what happens.


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Just to play devil's advocate, look at lifters like Dimas and Kono, to say nothing of pocket Hercules.

However, on the other side of the fence there are always men like Patera, and of course Redding.

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I think that one thing that every progressive resistance training advocate that cross training is a very good thing.

Just because you are a bodybuilder...doesn't mean that you have to always use dbells, cables, high reps, and be lean.

Just because you are an OLY lifter...doesn't mean you have to only do the oly lifts.

Just because you are a powerlifter...doesn't mean that you have to always use low reps, the three main lifts exclusively, and only barbells.

Cross train...can be a lot of fun and you will grow bigger, stronger, and happier.

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And one thing that most people seem to forget is that the press is one of the main assistance exercises for training the muscles used whem performing the jerk, followed by the push press. About the only muscles that do not get hit directly, and hard, and often, are the pecs. And some Ol'ers do inclines.

What should be remembered is that OL'ing is a program that is based around training the largest muscle groups of the body, training them hard, and training them as often as you can. The idea of raising your training volume came from OL'ing.