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Possible solution for missing posts


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Sorry guys, I've been off for some time.

I have been in the proccess of switching systems and its been a pain in the butt.

I ran into a few problems along the way and think others could be experiencing the same thing.

When I added my 2nd unit, posts and screens that I viewed were not showing up on my original system. This I found was caused by a few things: 1. My 2nd system's browser did not update the viewed pages 'every time', so I continued to look at old data, this was corrected be changing the settings. 2. SOme sites do not like it if you log into a site under the same user addy but from different systems, this was corrected by deleting all cookies after each log out.

Granted I'm no computer guru, so this is my rough interpretation of what I paid someone else to tell me. Those of you who had alot of problems with missing posts, if you had 2 systems this could be the reason.

bump...bro maybe you can help address this issue with ajc posts getting deleted by a mod ??? I have only been on 20 mins and read ajc post to Mr. spellwin and it has been taken off ???? That is some what extreme don't you think ??? Is there no way the system can tell who deletes what post ??
BPP, when your post(reply) is there one minute, and then two minutes later it's gone but there are replies after it quoting what you originally said, I think there is a problem. 1 or 2 Moderators are definately trying to censor certain people for their own self-serving reasons.. and I know this post will probably be erased for the second time too. lol
Sorry guys, I did not see the post. I had hoped that the deletion thing would have been corrected or stopped by now.

I thought that my problem could be the same with others, guess not.

I don't play politics. I delete very, very little. If I have a problem with someone I have no problem with expressing my issues and then getting over them.

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