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One of the best anti-marriage papers Ive read

"the demand for eligible bachelors willing to commit to marriage is currently exceeding the supply"
I know if I ever marry again I will definately get a thorough prenup, and if my then wife-to-be says no then I will not marry her, no matter how much I love her. I thought my first marriage was gonna be forever, it just seemed so perfect, but I learned that even the most perfect love and marriage can end practically overnight. Lucky for me my ex-wife didn't go after a single thing, but man she could have put a hurt on me for many years to come if she chose to.

Any woman who would balk at a prenup simply wants the option of being able to take you for everything you have down the road, their really isn't any other reason why a woman would be against it.
I will never get married and he pointed out the very reasons why. I'm 28 years old, I've worked my ass off to buy 2 houses (1 will be paid off in 7 years, on a 10 year loan, currently being rented out. Other paid off in 12 years, on a 15 year loan, I currently reside in this house). I have no debt beyond my home mortgages, even my vehicle (Lexus SC400 Sports Coup) is paid in full. Most women I met have nothing but debt debt and more debt. Credit cards maxed out etc. Now, why the hell would I want to get married to a girl, have a few kids, then lose everything I've worked for because she decides she doesn't want to play family anymore? Or the reason my mother told my father, "I'm just not in love anymore" (aka- I found somebody else). Fuck that!

I'm not trying to be hard on or mean to women, I'm just trying to protect what is mine, what I've accomplished. When dating a girl I treat her like a princess. My last ex and I use to go out to dinner a average of 3 times a week. Nice places too, not fast food. No matter where we went or what we did she would never have to pay for a thing. I have no problem with commitment, its when its to the point the government will get involved that I have an issue with. I had to break up with my last ex because after a year and a half she demanded marriage. It started out with hints, and soon after that turned into demands. I don't understand why women think a guy is only committed if he is willing to marry. Marriage doesn't mean shit, look at the divorce rate. I don't think I should have to marry a girl to show her how much I love her, if there is enough love and trust in the relationship, my word alone should be enough.
PuddleMonkey said:
I don't understand why women think a guy is only committed if he is willing to marry. .

because marriage equals security(including financial). because they want to be part of the married crowd. because society makes them feel like failures if they arent married.
Exactly, Puddle. I just bought my first home last year (a much nicer one than your typical starter home I'm happy to say), and my car is now paid off. And I'll be damned if I let a woman use marriage to snatch what I've worked so hard for out from under me.
PuddleMonkey.. if you have all that and you get married I will find you in real life and kick your ass.

You have it made.. not a single reason in the world you should EVER get married.
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