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No need to use more - supplements and sarms


EF Logger
Unlike steroids when SOMETIMES a bit more works for SOME people with Sarms and supplements few, if any, need to up the dose. Here's why.

Cos science bitch.

Let's take GW/Cardarine. While, as with many sarms, we use more than many studies on the original clinical use no one, to date, has shown a need to use more than the dose of 20mg a day

What about those vitamins many of us use? You're gonna get SOME in that healthy food you eat (you do eat healthy right?). Most products offer the RDA (recommended daily amount) in each serving. Even allowing for what is called the ODA (optimal daily amount) cos you train hard as an athlete and so arguably need a little more (plus you're leaner and just plain bigger) you're gonna be doing that with the food and vitamin together.

I understand the skewed logic of 'more is better' but again the science hasn't shown that doubling up on many products some ask about as working better.

5g of Creatine works for 99.99% of users (most of which train). The RDA of most vitamins does the job and more than 20mg of GW us a waste. If, as and when, studies show that the vast majority of users could use a little more then we will be here telling you. Remember that those tested in studies vary in size, weight and health too. So the doses are what worked for as many of them as possible. Many studies will have tested for higher amounts and shown that no greater benefit was gained.

For vitamins use 3DMulti and Creatine as 'Ancient Strength'from N2BM (by and for athletes). For sarms use Umbrella Labs
dont take more, take the right dose and train more
Mobster knows what he's talking about I listen to him on all the podcast shows and I agree
too much of anything is bad for you including sarms and supplements and steroids
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